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Summer Nights with Live Music at La Caña Restaurant

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Even though it has rained the past couple of days, the temperature continues to rise, indicating that summer is not slowing down. Throughout the month of July, La Caña Restaurant will delight evening goers with their live music program. Set at the Casa de Campo hotel with a view overlooking the pool, dinner and dancing at La Caña is one of the many ways to enjoy these warm summer nights. Below is the complete schedule of entertainment for July: 

Monday 3rd

8-11 pm, Duo Delgado

Tuesday 4th

8 -11 pm, Daniel y su Piano

Wednesday 5th

8-11 pm, Duo Dos en la Via

Thursday 6th

8-11 pm, Duo Tavarez

Friday 7th

8-11 pm, Trio Internacional

Saturday 8th

9-12 am, Grupo Los Ciudadanos

Sunday 9th

8 -11 pm, Trio Internacional

Monday 10th

8-11 pm, Johan Delgado

Tuesday 11th

8-11 pm, Duo Latino

Wednesday 12th

8-11 pm, Duo Dos en la Via

Thursday 13th

8-11 pm, William y Piano

Friday 14th

8-11 pm, Grupo Caribeño

Saturday 15th

9-12 am, Quinteto Latino Dos en la Via

Sunday 16th

9 -12 am, Grupo Los Ciudadanos

Monday 17th

8-11 pm, Johan Delgado

Tuesday 18th

8-11 pm, Trio Internacional

Wednesday 19th

8-11 pm, Duo Internacional Dos en La Via 

Thursday 20th

8-11 pm, Elizabetha Catania 

Thursday 21st

9-12 am, Cuarteto Johan Delgado

Saturday 22th

9-12 am, Quinteto Bailable Dos en la Via

Sunday 23rd

8-11 pm, Cuarteto Tavarez

Monday 24th

8-11 pm, Duo Tavarez

Tuesday 25th

8-11 pm, Trio Internacional

Wednesday 26th

8-11 pm, Duo Dos en la Via

Thursday 27th

8-11 pm, Elizabetha Catania 

Friday 28th

8-11 pm, Son en Casa

Saturday 29th

9-12 am, Quinteto Bailable

Sunday 30th

8-11 pm, Cuarteto Internacional Tavarez

Monday 31st

8-11 pm, Grupo Los Ciudadanos


Lunch: 12pm – 4pm

Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

Bar: 9am – 1am

Tel: (809) 523-3000

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