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Create the perfect ambiance with Linarôm’s line of Essential Oils in Casa de Campo


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A new year means a new routine, most often somehow figuring a way to juggle the kids’ school activities, your work ventures, home renovations, and personal projects. It can be a lot to take in, even for January. Taking care of your health isn’t only recommended, it’s crucial! Linarôm is a line of essential oils created by Casa de Campo community member, Caroline Van Der Auwera to maintain our daily well-being through natural products. In a collection of 18 essential oils, 4 pure and natural vegetable oils, and 8 ultrasonic diffusers, Linarôm provides users with an alternative way of healing.

LinarômWhether you’re in need of a calming scent to relax (use lavendar), are feeling uneasy and want a digestive tonic (use oregano), or have a muscle spasm that makes moving uncomfortable (use basil), Linarôm’s extensive product line is the cure for the majority of ailments. Each essential oil has its own therapeutic function. Its properties are similar to synthetic drugs but without the harmful side effects— 100% pure and natural, essential oils are derived from flowers, bark, berries, fruits, plant bulbs, and more. The high concentration of an essential oil, which contains 2 or 3 main components and more than 150 active substances, makes it a very polyvalent product good for your immune system.

The great news is that you don’t have to be an expert in the makeup of each essential oil. Caroline Van Der Auwera’s thorough background studying Aromatherapy in Canada allows her to create mixtures that heighten the oils’ best properties and create a synergy of well-being. She started the company in 2012 noticing the interest-level and opportunity for the Dominican Republic’s first brand of Aromatherapy. Launching Linarôm, which has its roots in La Romana, the company has become a sensorial partner for spas and hotels in Casa de Campo, Punta Cana, Cap Cana, Las Terrenas, Bavaro, and Santo Domingo. 


Caroline Van Der Auwera (Owner), and Caroline Muller (Sales Specialist)

Caroline Van Der Auwera is joined by Caroline Muller, Linarôm’s sales representative and partner in a custom “at-home shopping experience” developed exclusively for Casa de Campo. The At-Home Shopping Experience showcases the full line of products as Caroline Muller explains the benefits behind each essential oil. A demonstration of the proper usage and how to incorporate the oils into your daily routine is covered. Linarôm also sells diffusers, synergies, massage oils, incense and natural perfumes!

Linarôm even encourages you to make your own scent. Aroma creation is a fun activity for party get-togethers, and a way to differentiate your home’s fragrance from neighbors. Guests can use one of Linarôm’s recipes to produce a home-made aroma, or business owners can create a professional scent with the brand’s ‘Service of Creation’. Linarôm will create your own sensorial identity for you that will make your locale stand out among its competition. After all, the sense of smell brings back strongest memories!

Essential Oils

Linarôm’s products have the impressive ability to change our feelings and our emotional life. As the smell of an oil gets transmitted through our nervous center, in connects to parts of the brain that affect emotions, memories, and intuition. Additionally, when applied topically, essential oils penetrate the skin and blood circulation, exacting effects on our organs. Benefits related to essential oils include fighting colds, soothing sore muscles, reducing skin inflammations, balancing hormones, improving digestion, and fighting free-radicals. Carla Campos is an avid fan: “I carry a little bottle of the lavender essential oil with me in my purse, and it has lasted me forever! I use it to sleep, whenever I have a headache, and at work to create a fresh, calming ambiance. It’s to die for! I can’t wait to try the rest of their products.”


Appointments for a home shopping experience or to purchase items can be made by calling (809)431-1639. If you’re looking for a gift, Linarôm suggest an ultrasonic diffuser with at least two different synergies. A citrus synergy will create a fresh and clean atmosphere and a floral synergy is great for relaxing. No matter what life brings, you’re well on your way to restoring to a healthy and natural state with Linarôm. Keep going, better and brighter than before!


LinarômLinarôm was created in respect of nature and knowledge of the therapeutic properties of plants. We offer you a complete range of carefully selected products for step-by-step access to the wonderful world of aromatherapy. With essential oils and gifts of nature, heal and strengthen your body and mind.

Contact: Caroline Muller at (809) 431-1639

Email: [email protected]


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