Altos de Chavon

Liliane Vanbalberghe Art Show

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Hello all art / photography lovers, tommorow, September 12th will be the grand opening and reception for Liliane Vanbalberghe’s show at the Gallery in Altos de Chavon. The show will run till the 13th of October, weekdays (except for tuesdays) from 9am to 9pm.
Liliane Vanbalberghe’s own website has limited information about this photographer, but looking at her online portfolio raises enough interes to want to attend the opening, if at least for a few minutes. 
While her website,, gives us little in terms of her bio, it does however provide us ample samples of her portafolio, from which to base our decisions.  Take a look at the following images and decide for yourself.

One last thing… if you are interested, keep in mind that there will be an opening cocktail on september 12th, starting at 7:30pm. While there will no doubt be plenty of Altos de Chavon students enjoying the “Art” and possibly a drink or two, its still worth supporting any and all culture we are offered. 
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