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Undoubtedly there is nothing better than spending time at home by your self or with friends and family. Everyone has a favorite spot in the house; for some it is the kitchen, for others the living room, there are those who love being in the bedroom and other love their gardens, calling it their personal paradise. Here in the Dominican Republic, autumn and winter are not very cold seasons but we do have fewer hours of sunlight than during the spring and winter, so it is always a great idea to light up your garden.

Lighting the garden is one of the tasks that we sometimes leave aside when designing green areas, and can often be tedious as there are always new plants that we want to have and we adapt to each season. Lighting our gardens is a great way to complement the beauty of the landscaping we have done. We have at our disposal several lighting options to choose from depending on our needs and personal preferences, among which we have:

Led lights are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and watts. They are energy efficient and very bright. LEDs can be used as scintillating lights, recessed lights, pool lights, or simply spotlights.

Another environmentally friendly option are solar lights, especially recommended for outdoor areas, are self-sustaining and are activated automatically at nightfall.

We can also use garden torches or antique lamps. The torches are usually located around the trails, their soft shine is more appropriate to create a warm and romantic atmosphere than to meet the practical needs of visibility.

And if you are one of the creative ones, you can place light projectors; these use a light system whose purpose is to create different effects through the use of different colors of light, they can also generate different patterns and shadows, providing us with good visibility for night walks. The good thing about this type of lights is that not only do we manage to illuminate the garden, but it also allows us to achieve very aesthetic effects both on plants and on structures.

If you are not sure where to start to give your garden a slight makeover, you can count on the expert advice of Henry Electric. They guarantee that your purchase will be your best option thanks to the quality of their products, their personalized treatment and the consultation service in all its range of products, so be sure to contact them.

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