El Polo Skyview

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El Polo Skyview

Nestled in the western end of Casa de Campo, quietly going on with its day to day life, one will find the neighborhood of El Polo. El Polo is a very special spot, still waiting to be totally discovered and enjoyed. There are 44 home sites and all have a different views of the polo fields.

I am partial to this area because vast expanses of green grass (also known as polo fields) have been a big part of most of my life. A polo field measures 12 acres. The Casa de Campo Polo Club has 3 regulation size fields plus an area in between these fields where one can practice shots. This area is known as the Stick’n’Ball field. The fields are surrounded by a track where one can see all sorts of activities. This track adds a good amount of real estate as well. In my unorthodox calculations, I would say that the field encompasses approximately 50 acres. A GOOD amount of beautiful, open space where one can delight all the senses!

My question is the following: where can one find a view like the one at El Polo and live a true country life inside Casa de Campo? Not many places.

El Polo 2

In Casa we are lucky to have many different types of vistas. I know that to many residents here the landscape becomes very familiar, and one can forget the beauty that surrounds us.

Every morning when I start my day and my drive to whatever corner of Casa I must go, I discover something new. But I always start my morning looking out the window to the fields of green. It never ceases to amaze me the beauty of the first light and the peace that comes from this visual. Sometimes the fields will be a blank slate. Some times there will be a combination of people out there. The view can be filled with horses led by their grooms going out to their morning exercise; or groups of people riding with their guides. Also the view can be of children riding ponies where one can hear the laughter and giggles as they ride by. Other times you will have people enjoying the great outdoors by walking or running around the fields, flying kites, walking their dogs. One can even ride a horse right out of your Villa and on to the beautiful trails that surround the area. Most exciting is when polo matches are going on and one can catch a glimpse of the horses in action as well the players. Whatever happens around the fields is always very pleasing to watch!

El Polo 5

Visiting Casa for the first time can be overwhelming. Villa Owners can have their choice of what view to look at. One can choose from ocean, bay, river, golf course, tennis courts, marina, lush gardens, mountain, lakes… Many possibilities. This choice of vistas doesn’t occur in hardly any other place in the world! Recently, I gave a tour of the Resort to a visitor considering buying a Villa here, and he repeated over and over how he could not get over the beauty of every thing he saw- but he wanted to go back to El Polo!

El Polo 4

Casa de Campo Real Estate currently has 4 exclusive Villas for sale in El Polo listed between US$750,000 and US$1,000,000. The Villas offer at least 500 m2 of construction and the lots are sized at 1000m2. One can have a very ample sized Villa with a large garden for a fantastic price. Also to keep in mind is the ever present breeze. Add to all this the 50 acres of uninterrupted fields of green and this becomes priceless! El Polo is 1 minute from the main entrance of Casa de Campo and will be approximately 7 minutes from the new entrance.

The lifestyle offered by living at El Polo could be as close to living a true Casa de Campo life as one can imagine. It is literally “the” country life in your country home. Your lifestyle can be sophisticated or not. Your imagination will dictate your life here. Call us at CDCRE so we can show you what I mean.

Article and pictures by Mayli García-Velez