Pitirre vs. La Carbuccia Polo Challenge 2016 RD

Lechuza had a hard match on their hands with Samanes reluctant to slip silently into the night. All four Samanes players gave 110% in their quest to get to Saturday’s grand Gold Cup final. Toccalino was superlative, handling impossible balls that new no rules of gravity thanks to the rain making the fields challenging for all players. It was Carlos Silva though who really shone today under pressure – 4 goals in the 3,4 & 5th and a couple of them spectacular. Nero was lightning quick and ubiquitous and of course Stirling was another engine running at full power for Lechuza.

The team work and dazzling talent of the La Dolfina duo was too much in the end for the Samanes team and the final score was a respectable 10 – 7, propelling Lechuza once again into the final – this time, The Good Cup.

MVP Carlos Silva

Meanwhile, Pitirri and La Carbuccia battle it out to find a slot in the Subsidiary final of the Gold Cup. La Carbuccia, powered mainly by Donovan’s 4 goals and then one from each of the other team mates manage to limit Pitirri to only 5 goals in the entire game plus the handicap goal… Two of them being last ditch attempts in the final chukka. It was La Carbuccia then who won 8-6 and earned a spot in the Subsidiary final.


Thursday, March 17

Pitirre vs. La Carbuccia 2 pm Lechuza Caracus # 1 (subsidiary)

Los Establos vs. Cinque Terre 4:30 pm Casa de Campo # 3 (semifinal)

The Finals are on Saturday in Casa de Campo!!!

Photos by Matías Callejo