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Casa de Campo will surely have your kids booked for summer – what with camps like ASA, Ki-Ra’s holistic center summer camp, FCBEscola, and Casa’s own family program, all for kids ages 6 and up. But what about the younger ones you ask!? That’s where La Vecindad comes into play with no shortage of amazing benefits to you and your babies.

During the ages of 1- 6 kids are the most susceptible. These are crucial years for learning and developing new skills, and not to mention the age of creative blossom!  KIDZ’N Casa, in partnership with La Vecindad, offers Early Education Camp at Casa de Campo from June 27th to August 26th. The full day program comes with a variety of ways for children to stay active while also learning in an educational and supportive environment.

A typical day for the Early Education program involves a range of extracurricular and recreational activities, including arts & crafts, painting, motor-skill development activities, musical stimulation, classes in speech therapy, English and Spanish, as well as swimming lessons and ballet! At La Vecindad, learning and developing is made fun while being incredibly beneficial to reinforcing crucial skills.

See the details below to enroll your child in this rewarding learning program!

La Vecindad Summer Camp

Dates: June 27th to August 26th

Time: 8am -1pm

Ages: 1-6 years old


Full program:

Registration: US $335.00
Monthly: US $265.00

Extracurricular class rate:

Registration: US$33.00
Monthly payment: US$100.00


Tel: 809-523-3333 ext. 3505 or 3208

Email: or