Mignon Bellini Indian Feast

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Mignon’s annual Indian feast continues to grow and get better each year. This was my first year attending the lovely dinner party which had traditionally been covered by Rebecca, but as she and Philip are happily in Texas managing Plano Profile and celebrating Theo’s first birthday (just yesterday!!) I was delighted to fill their shoes… or should I say jutti? Mignon Bellini Indian FeastActually, I wore heels because my beaded Indian skirt was terribly long but fortunately, fitting for the occasion! In fact, nearly everyone came suited in Indian attire, from men dressed in tunics and turbans to ladies in the most beautiful saris and raw silks. Phyllis Berney donned a very stylish yellow and orange silk pant suit, Mignon Bellini shined in teal and gold, and Marina Spadafora came decked out in a multicolored Lehenga Choli that she purchased in Bangalore specifically for the occasion (just kidding!!). Though with so many ladies in such exquisite wardrobes, it does beg the question, where do they all get them? One can only sum up — Casa de Campo ladies know how to dress!
The warm evening outdoors at Mignon’s Tennis Villa had us all pondering how those in India actually do it, wearing so many layers year around in climates warmer than the Dominican Republic. To be honest, after a few glasses of prosecco and wine we stopped noticing, intent on enjoying a remarkable evening surrounded by close friends and delicious food! Each year, Mignon preps quite the feast and this time we dined on basmati rice, chicken curry, mixed vegetables, eggplant, shrimp curry, lentils, and yogurt with cucumber. It was an impressive buffet and followed with amazing homemade ice cream. From coco, ginger, mango, chinola, and mint it was nearly impossible to select just one flavor; which is why, of course, I didn’t. I sampled three and fell in love most with the mint! Mignon Bellini Indian Feast The dinner acted as a farewell to mark the end of the season, many of Casa de Campo’s international crowd heading back to Europe and the states, and some on fascinating holidays like Marty and Marilyn Chattman who are traveling to Africa. Bon voyage to all, and congratulations Mignon on another fabulous dinner party and Indian celebration! See more pictures in the gallery below taken last night, Thurssday May 4th, at Mignon Bellini’s Indian feast 2017: