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Altos de Chavóns current art exhibit ‘Artistas en Residencia Primavera’ will be closing down this coming Monday the 16th of May – here we bring you the photos which will show you why you need to go see it while you still have the chance! The exhibit was inaugurated on Thursday the 28th of April, with an inauguration cocktail, to see our photos of the inauguration event, click here This fantastic exhibit features the work of 4 artists; Alex Lumsden, Stacey Mohammed, Dita Stepanova and Magno Larancuente – all current or past students of the ‘Artists in Residence’ program at the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design. Here we bring you photos of the exhibit and a little history about each of the artists:
Alexander Lumsden Alex, from Sweden, arrived in Altos de Chavon in 2008, enrolled in the program for two years, graduating in Fine Arts / Illustration. In this exhibit he demonstrates his rounded artistic abilities with a collection of sculptures as well as a number of beautiful paintings and sketches. To read more about Alex’s sculpting works, click here. To read more about Alex’s art and career, click here.
Stacey Mohammed Stacy was born in Trinidad, a native of eastern India, a Muslim convert to the Pentecostal religion, her mother is of mixed heritage and Catholic. The figures in her recent paintings, acquired in botany, are an attempt to explore the sacred and the silent, and seek a deeper understanding of what faith means to the her.In these paintings Stacy combines observation with flat spaces with the intention to suggest the stillness of the altar and the interior space of contemplative experience. [nggallery id=835]
Dita Stepanova Dita is from Prague, a city where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, after which she specialized in Austria, New York and in 2007 participated in the Artists in Residence program in Altos de Chavon. In this exhibit she presents bold, vibrant paintings, focusing on nature as the subject.   [nggallery id=836]
Magno Larancuente Magnus, a Dominican living in New York, he began his art studies in Puerto Rico, and later took courses in drawing and painting at Parsons. His paintings presented in this collection have a dream-like quality, with soft pastel colors and floating curved lines. [nggallery id=837]
Go see the exhibit this weekend! The gallery is open everyday (except Tuesdays), from 9am to 6pm.