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La Tienda opens in Altos de Chavón

La Tienda

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La TiendaNew business alert! La Tienda Gift Shop”, located directly below Café Marietta in Altos de Chavón, has just opened its doors.

La Tienda BagsIt’s a new concept store with beautiful handmade pieces. All merchandise is designed by graduates from the Altos de Chavón School of Design in order to “sell the experience of the artist’s lifestyle” from Altos de Chavón.

What they seek is to give the customer the artistic and cultural experience that Altos de Chavón has to offer so they can take home a typical, representative, high quality and interesting souvenir- at a reasonable cost. No need to take home one of those “made in china” gifts anymore! La Tienda’s line of products are elegant, classy, and super trendy.

“The store looks great. It’s artsy, simple… a perfect gift shop for Altos de Chavón.” Said Carla Campos, Managing Director at SILGON and a new La Tienda customer.

This is not your typical touristy “logo shop”. The articles integrate the Altos de Chavón logo in classy, fun and artsy way.

Many of the textile designs use the patterns that the Altos de Chavón architects used to lay out the cobbles. Just take a look at the T-shirts below, their design is a reproduction of the stone patterns found all around Altos de Chavón. This same concept is also used on their notebooks and writing pads.

La Tienda, Shirts

The actual clothes and textiles are made with a local artisan in La Romana, while all the silk screens and prints are made in the workshops.

The pottery line is very cute, they have small planters, vases and small jars to put knick-knacks in.

Now let’s talk about the prices. As I said this is not your typical tourist gift store – the prices are very affordable! Pottery (small vases and planters) are US$10 – US$20, while the textiles are similarly priced.

Please note that this is a “soft opening”, which means YES you are welcome to stop by and shop now, but there will be an official launch party in November (date to be announced).

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