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On May 13, the La Romana Family Clinic Adolescent Program recognized with great satisfaction the young women Ceribel Santiago, Luz Violenny Mateo, and Diana Mateo, for their excellent performance and leadership in the participation and formation of groups of Young Multipliers.

One of the objectives of this education program is to educate young people in sexual and reproductive health issues so that they can replicate this knowledge with their peers and, in this way, prevent pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections and learn about family planning methods, among others. The formation and coordination of these groups are in charge of the educators Jelyn Reyes and Yuleisy Borque.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these groups switched to a virtual modality in 2020, with Luz, Ceribel, and Diana being some of the first participants in this modality, who use platforms such as WhatsApp and Zoom. At the end of this first group, the young women created and educated their own groups replicating what they had learned, reaching about 40 young people of different ages in different groups.

La Romana Family Clinic is very proud of the work of these young women, showing great leadership in educating their own groups of young multipliers, providing important knowledge that helps improve the lives of the young adults of La Romana.

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* Information and photo courtesy of La Romana Family Clinic