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La Romana 4×4 Offroad Club invites us to their conference “Breast cancer prevention and early detection”

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The group La Romana 4×4 Offroad will hold a conference on Friday, October 12, lead by several professionals in the area who will discuss the importance of the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. This event is free and will take place at Youth Alliance in Buena Vista Norte at 7:00 p.m.

The invited lecturers are Dr. Rafael Herrera, Ms. Sahaidy Arriaga and Dr. Yadira Cedeño. These professionals have volunteered to provide their knowledge in hopes that the community of La Romana receives guidance, loses fear and eliminates taboos about cancer. The topics that will be presented are: the importance and benefits of radiotherapy; the prevention and proper management of lymphedema; and the symptoms and signs of breast cancer. 

Conferencia del año pasado

The members of La Romana 4×4 Offroad Club are aware that cancer is a reality that can touch the life of any person. In fact, within the group members there are survivors of this disease. It is proven that early detection makes a big difference. More and more people are diagnosed increasing the percentage of survival and leads to a better quality of life.

That is why it is important to know how to perform breast self-exams at least once a month, the details of the disease and to support those who are going through this test.

In addition to the conference, La Romana 4×4 Offroad Club is organizing its 3rd rally on Sunday, October 21, which also aims to support the fight against breast cancer. This tour will depart from Multiplaza La Romana and will have as final destination the recreational club Campo Azul, located in the Ramón Santana municipality of San Pedro de Macorís province, where guests can enjoy everything the complex offers, such as swimming pools, activities, food, etc.

The Rally is open to all audiences and all types of vehicles, as the main goal is to raise funds to help the warriors who are currently struggling with the disease.

Last year the event was attended by around 120 people and this year it is expected to have the participation of 200 people or more. The tickets for the trip cost RD $ 1,000 adults and RD $ 600 children, from 6 to 9 years old.

For more information on both activities and to purchase your ticket to the “rally” you can send a message on the Facebook and Instagram Instagram networks: LaRomana4x4offroad.

Information and photos courtesy of La Romana 4×4 Offroad Club

About La Romana 4×4 Offroad Club

Was created on May 10, 2016, by a group of friends from La Romana who went out almost every weekend on adventures in which all-terrain vehicles are used to avoid wild lands for recreational purposes.

The club has participated in several competitions nationwide and also practices “Overlanding”, which is a way of camping with 4×4 vehicles. Currently La Romana 4×4 Offroad Club is composed of 29 active members, including professionals and businessmen from the province, who are united by their passion to reach remote sites and explore new routes in the country.

La Romana 4×4 Offroad also share a social and collaborative feeling with the community, so they constantly come together to cooperate and together contribute with low-income institutions in the city.

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