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La Potranca wins the third edition of the 2022 Friendship Cup polo tournament dedicated to Dr. José López

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This past weekend Casa de Campo Resort and Villa Polo Department held the third edition of the Dr. José Lopez Friendship Cup, with the La Potranca team winning, 10 goals to 9, against the Casa de Campo team.

This was a game, defined by those present, as one of the closest that the Casa de Campo polo season has had, which despite the inclement weather and the remarkable agility of the horses and players, kept all those present excited during its development.

Friendship Polo Cup 2022 Copa Amistad 2022

Dr. José López narrated the first part of the match where the La Potranca went up by three goals to nil. While, Casa de Campo, already for the fourth part, had the game tied. Later, the La Potranca team went up again and Casa de Campo came back and tied.

“In the last minute, with the game tied and at a seventh period, the La Potranca team, with a combination between Alex Schad, Julian Díaz, and the last blow that Ramón Brenes hits, wins this cup. A Cup to friendship, and to friends,” said Dr. López.

López considered that very good horses were used by both teams during the match, so either team could have won.


Dr. José López, who is Vice President of Health at Central Romana and Director of the Central Romana Medical Center, expressed that he feels lucky to be honored in life with this competition among friends.

Meanwhile, for Dr. Leo Matos, executive of Central Romana and member of the Casa de Campo polo team, it was of great happiness to reach the final, after qualifying against so many teams with the same or better category.

Also, he took used the occasion to highlight the new generations of young people, children of polo players, who are practicing the sport in a masterful way. Among them he mentioned Alex Schad, Ramón Andres Brenes, and Julio López.


Amidst light rain, jokes and an atmosphere full of camaraderie, Macho Seliman, and Tony Rivera accompanied Dr. López to narrate and analyze the match.

The players that made up the winning team, La Potranca, are: Ramón A. Brenes, Alexander Schad, Julían Díaz and Alex Schad.

Meanwhile, the Casa de Campo team was made up of Leo Matos, Fernando Arata, Pablo Avalos and Julio López.

According to match analysts, the players from both teams that stood out the most were: Pablo Avalos, Leo Matos, Julian Díaz, and Alex Schad.

Most Valuable Player Julian Diaz and Best Horse was Mr. Tony Rivera’s Ultrasonic

Macho Seliman, Dr Jose Lopez, Tony Rivera y Ramon Cáceres Matos

Below is a gallery of photos taken by Mairobi Herrera during the final of the 3rd edition of the Friendship Cup Polo Tournament in Casa de Campo:

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