Altos de Chavon

La Piazzetta Quietly Opens to Many Happy Customers!

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Remember La Piazzetta? The wonderful little Italian restaurant in Altos de Chavon? Well its back, or rather its open again. Yesterday was the quiet re-opening. We say quiet, because we had not heard a peep about it.  In fact, had we not been passing by, we would never have known.
With their doors open we just had to step in and find out what was going on. As usual, their incredible antipasto bar was immaculately prepared and ready to tempt anyone and everyone. The delicate preparation and attention to the smallest details kept you from remembering that the place has been closed for a few months. We’ll be the first to admit it – we missed it.  Without a doubt, the best restaurant in Altos de Chavon, we are happy to see that it is back in business and not holding any punches.
Skeptical about such a quiet opening, and admittedly wondering if the mouthwatering antipasto would go to waste, we inquired if they had any reservations for the night. Figuring that perhaps they would have a handful of people, we where impressed, shocked really, to hear that for such a quiet opening, they had somehow generated over 160 reservations!  Impressive indeed.
For the moment, La Piazzetta will be open only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but as high season approaches, this will surely change to nightly. In the meantime, we promise we’ll make our own reservation and do a tasting and menu review soon enough. If in the meantime you hear anything or try it out – please feel free to leave us your comments.
Bon appetite!
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