Frank Perozo

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The movie “La Extraña” filmed here in Casa de Campo throughout November and December of last year will be released in cinemas across the Dominican Republic on May 15th.

Executive producers of La Extraña are Joan Giacinti and Casa de Campo villa owner Sergio Gobbi, who with more than 45 years experience worked alongside another Casa de Campo local, Leo Proano, who is the movie’s producer.

La Extraña starring Frank Perozo and Evelyna Rodríguez tells the story of a “passionate yet mysterious love affair” that unfolds right here in the Casa de Campo resort.

Locations used in the making of La Extraña include Altos de Chavón – the St. Stanislaus church and The Club riverside restaurant, the Casa de Campo hotel – the main lobby and front entrance, the gas station, the Dye Fore golf course and the Marina Casa de Campo – the Casa de Campo Yacht Club and the Azimut café. Setting sail outside of Casa de Campo, in a yacht sponsored by IBI Nautica with Azimut, filming also took place at Catalina island and Palmilla.

Starring alongside Frank Perozo and Evelyna Rodríguez are Yorlla Castillo, Laura García Godoy and Crystal Jiménez, as well as Irving Alberti. 

La Extraña – synopsis 

Jean Louis, 36, owns a successful publishing house in Santo Domingo. He is traumatized by his ex-wife’s accident after the divorce. Every week, he goes to visit her at the facility where she remains hospitalized. He is a loner feeling overwhelmed by work and the IT novelties that are slowly offsetting the publishing business.

In an attempt to get his mind off things, he decides to spend a long week at his family’s villa in Casa de Campo: an exclusive tourism complex located on the eastern region of the country. At the entry of the resort, he runs into a beautiful and intriguing woman named Rosa, whom he had briefly seen before at a restaurant in the capital. This girl is quite stunning with long black hair and a distinguishing white forelock.

Jean Louis recognizes Rosa, but the security staff at the complex refuses to let her in because she is not carrying ID and her name is not on any of the guest lists. Seizing the moment, he intervenes to allow her entrance as his guest.

This unlikely encounter between such different characters will set in motion a passionate yet mysterious love affair. Jean Louis’s perception of Rosa is so bizarre and her life story is so contradictory, that he will constantly question whether he is living a reality, a dream or a nightmare.

The filming of ”La Extraña” in Casa de Campo is particularly interesting because of the very special relationship between Sergio Gobbi, Charles Bluhdorn (of Gulf + Western who started the Casa de Campo resort in the 1970′s) and the original version of La Extraña… in its original version La Extraña was called “L’ètrangere” and was in fact Sergio Gobbi’s first world-wide hit, which led him to being contracted as a producer by Charles Bluhdorn, then president of Paramount Pictures.

We can’t wait to see it! Congratulations to Sergio Gobbi and Leo Proaño on another project well done!

Photography by Bryan de la Cruz.