Back in 2016, during Chavón Fall Fest, Fresh Fresh opened a new corner in their café area called La Eskina. Back then it was located just outside of their colorful café, creating a space for locals and tourists looking for more than a smoothie. Now, La Eskina has moved to the spot right at the end of the Gallery hallway with the entrance facing the El mercadito.  So, if you haven’t checked out La Eskina yet, we highly recommend it! The relaxed, informal setting whose title translates to “the corner” in English is not meant for dressing up. Come as you are, day or night to your spot, your corner. Both areas connect so you can enjoy the best of both worlds, a healthy wrap or salad from Fresh Fresh or grab a cold drink on a warm afternoon and enjoying the Chavón breeze at the bar. with plenty of pikaderas, beers to choose from and koktails written on chalkboards that serve as a practical and bohemian décor theme, you’ll be hard pressed not to find something to enjoy with friends.  See pictures of the new setting below: