flamenco dancing at La Casita Marina Casa de Campo

flamenco dancing at La Casita Marina Casa de CampoLast Thursday the 25th of August, La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo recreated itself as Spanish taverna in the heart of Andalucia with a Paella and Flamenco festival!

The magical location of La Casita, perched over the water’s edge of the Marina Casa de Campo made the perfect setting for the occasion. As a gentle sea breeze offered a little relief from the heat, guests were able to tuck in and really enjoy the fabulous feast of Paellas! On offer was a delicious selection of meat and seafood paellas, an irresistible roast pig, as well as salad and roast potatoes, in addition to, of course, their a-la-carte menu. Add in a few glasses of sangria and we had the perfect recipe for a fine evening. Entertainment was provided by an enchantingly talented Flamenco dancer, who mesmerised her audience with the sexy, sultry and characteristically powerful moves of the Flamenco dance, performed throughout the evening in a variety of magnificent costumes. The special event attracted a full house of guests; Casa de Campo villa owners and tourists alike, who filled up the charming “palapa” style venue with smiles, laughter and dancing.. towards the end of the night, some of the more enthusiastic guests were motivated to strut their flamenco moves and joined the professional performer on the dance floor for the last few songs. Among them was Casa de Campo villa owner Fatima Renedo, a well known and loved member of Casa de Campo community who has been a dancer since she was very young. Having just arrived from England, my friend Corinne Bass, with her gorgeous English accent declared the evening to have been “really lovely!” And it certainly was. The following collection of photos were taken at La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo at the Paella and Flamenco Festival on Thursday the 15th of August 2013: