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School is out, and summer has officially started for our kids! From June 25th to July 27th,  Chavón Kids and Teens Summer Camp 2018 in Santo Domingo offers children from 3 to 17 years of age a summer full of unique learning experiences through art! 

Chavón Kids

During five fun weeks, our children from 3 to 12 years of age will be able to participate in activities that will allow them to develop their creativity, imagination, and autonomy, creating artistic projects inside and outside the classroom, visiting museums and art galleries. See below a breakdown of what they will be learning every week.

  • Week one will explore nature and its similarities with art. Nature has served as a source of inspiration for a large number of artists, designers, writers and scientists. Through the exploration and observation of the designs present in nature, children will learn about the basic elements of design: point, line, shape, texture, and color, creating artistic pieces with the use of a variety of materials and elements. 
  • Week two will be dedicated to great Dominican artists. There is no one way to interpret an art piece or artist. Our kids will learn about the history of Dominican art, cave paintings, Desangles, Yoryi Morel, Paul Giudicelli, Candido Bido, Antonio Prats Ventos and more!
  • During week four they will create art with their bodies! Who said we can only draw using our hands? Children will learn to draw and communicate using their whole body, experimenting and discovering new forms of expression through fun activities integrating dance, music, and drawing.
  • Week four will learn about art on a bigger scale. Kids will work on their own big scale projects such as murals and sculptures. 
  • Week five they will go beyond the Dominican Republic and learn about great artists of the world. They will learn about baroque, renaissance, impressionism, and using this knowledge they will create their own projects such as sculptures, self-portraits, installations, etc.

What must the kids take?

• Comfortable clothes
• Snack and/or money to buy food and drinks in the school cafeteria
• PLUS the desire to learn something new every day!

Chavón Teens

Chavón Teens Summer Camp 2018 provides adolescents from 13 to 17 years of age with the opportunity to obtain a broad vision of different areas of art and design such as Drawing and Painting, Architecture and Interiors, Graphic Design and Advertising, Fashion Design and Photography. They will be doing practical exercises and developing their own personal projects, where they will carry out the entire design process from thinking of the concept to the execution of an idea, plus they will be also visiting museums, galleries art and get to know recognized artists and designers who will be going to the classrooms.

  • Architecture and Interior Design Camp – This program provides teens with an introduction to architecture and interior design through creative processes and practical exercises. They will be working on design elements, drawing, composition, scales, color theory, among others. The course will have the participation of professionals in the area who will share their work and experience, contributing to the development of projects.
  • Fashion Design Camp – Through interesting projects, the fashion design camp offers participants an approach to the work of the fashion designer, putting into practice the creative process and basic illustration techniques. They will also be learning about sustainable fashion and designing concept pieces.
  • Photography Camp – This program trains the student to take images in order to document projects visually.  Through practical activities, students will learn about the history of photography and will carry out projects under the different modalities of photography, such as fashion photography, portrait photography and product photography.
  • Graphic Design & Advertising Camp – Students will learn about the elements and basic fundamentals of design with the purpose of applying them in creative projects where they will use advertising as a communication tool. 
  • Drawing and Painting Camp – The student will learn about space and eye-hand coordination to then use it as a form of expression and thus know the materials and aspects of painting, drawing and sculpture. 

What must they take?

• Comfortable clothes
• Materials to work with. (All materials can be purchased at the store of your choice) Please ask for the list of materials at the time of registration.
• Snack and/or money to buy food and drinks in the school cafeteria
• PLUS the desire to learn something new every day!

While there is still time to enroll, we encourage you to give the school a call or visit to sign-up your kids before they fill up! Contact them to learn more details about the summer camps including who the professors will be. We guarantee it’s one of the best activities your kids can do this summer! 

Pictures and information from @chavonkidsteens

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