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Kick off! Soccer is back for a new season with the Fundación Real Madrid’s football school in Casa de Campo!

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Ever since Casa de Campo’s alliance with Fundación ARMID was announced last year, the entire Casa de Campo community has been very excited about the return of football to Casa de Campo’s sporting repertoire. Now that a new school year has started so will the new season of the Fundación Real Madrid’s football school, and we thought it was the perfect time to bring you lots of photos and even a video of last season’s action!

The Fundación ARMID – Fundación Real Madrid have been in the country since 2015 opening schools in both Santiago and Santo Domingo. Real Madrid, one of the teams with the highest tradition in world football, together with the Fundación ARMID they have worked together to contribute to those in need in the country by supporting various social causes as well as and awaken young children’s interest in football.

The school officially opened this January and also hosted a summer camp, both lead by Mr. David González Sanz, who is a certified level 3 technician who has moved to Casa de Campo straight from Spain. Following their motto “Train like the best” the school is designed to improve the players individual skills and awareness levels with the guidance of Mr. González and a group of certified trainers during the training sessions here in Casa. Plus, they will not only enjoy a great experience learning how to play football like their idols, but they also will share and learn their values: respect, teamwork, transparency, solidarity, commitment, equality, and motivation. 

If you are interested in enrolling one of your future football stars you can still do so! We are all invited to a conference, which will take place this Tuesday, September 11th at Casa de Campo’s “Cacique” Conference Center Salon Larimar at 6:30 pm. Parents will have a chance to talk with the representatives of the Fundación Real Madrid and learn more about the values by which the Real Madrid goes by, the methodology that our kids will learn in the academy as well as information on costs. Don’t let your kids miss out on this opportunity!

The following pictures were taken during the Fundación Real Madrid Summer Camp in Casa de Campo back in June, 2018: 

Fundación Real Madrid meeting with parents

What: Informative meeting about the Fundación Real Madrid football school

Where: Casa de Campo’s “Cacique” Conference Center Salon Larimar

When: Tuesday, September 11th 6:30pm

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