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Juicy Girl Auditions a great success! 34 Lovely young ladies and one confused lad!

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Carmen Sol New York and Casa de Campo Living’s “An Evening of High Fashion hosted by the Juicy Girls” is taking place on Saturday the 26th of December.  In preparation for the event we hosted an audition to find the Juiciest Girls in Casa de Campo to be our very own Juicy Girls and help us host the evening!

The auditions, which took place last Friday and Saturday at the Marina Casa de Campo’s Carmen Sol New York store, were very well attended. Heeding the call to become a Juicy Girl where over 30 beautiful young ladies and a rather fetching young man who, with a great sense of humor (or plenty of makeup) has also offered his services for the evening.

With so many beautiful young ladies and only a limited amount of slots, we find ourselves faced with a very difficult desicion to make. We would like to send out a very big thank you to everyone who attended – we would love to be able to choose you all!

In the coming days we shall undertake the formidable task of narrowing down the selection to only a few of the Juiciest Girls.

Help us decide – leave us a comment below as to why you, or someone you know, should be Juicy Girl (or guy)!

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