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Quiéreme como soy como te quiero a ti… it’s nearly time to celebrate all weekend for a very special cause – the “Quiéreme Como Soy” foundation!

Tomorrow, Saturday November 15th is the Juanes concert at the Amphitheater in Altos de Chavón and on Sunday afternoon (3pm) there is also a special baseball game at the Francisco Micheli Stadium in La Romana. Both events raising funds for the “Quiéreme Como Soy” foundation, whose mission is to help and support children that have learning disabilities such as Autism and Down Syndrome.

And if you didn’t yet get your tickets and you are wondering where you can get them here in Casa de Campo / La Romana, here’s where:

  • Jumbo, La Romana (open 8 am – 9:30 pm)
  • Iberia, La Romana (open 8 am – 9:30 pm)

Juanes in concert

When: Saturday November 15th

Time: 8:00 pm

Where: Altos de Chavón amphitheater, Casa de Campo

Ticket prices for employees of Central Romana:

  • VIP: RD$2,500.00
  • General RD$1,000.00

This sale to employees of Casa de Campo will take place exclusively on Friday the 14th of November, from 12 pm to 4 pm in the employees dining room- “La Cañita”. Employees of Central Romana can get tickets through Central Romana.

A few rules apply to the purchase of these tickets:

1) Cash sale only
2) A maximum of 4 tickets per employee
3) The ticket does not include the t-shirt
4) Must show employee ID
5) This offer does not apply to the Francisco Micheli Stadium event.

NORMAL Ticket prices:

  • Special Guest: RD$10,000.00
  • VIP: RD$5,000.00
  • General RD$2,000.00

Event at the Francisco Michelli Stadium:

When: Sunday November 16th

Time: 3:00 pm

Where: Francisco Micheli Stadium, La Romana

Ticket prices:

  • General: RD$400.00
  • Bleachers: RD$300.00