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Joe Lipsky & Phil Blackmon win the 28th annual Sugar Golf Tournament

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alvaro silva alfy fanjulFrom the 3rd to the 6th of April 2013 the Casa de Campo resort welcomed more than 400 special guest golfers from across the globe, who joined Alfy Fanjul to compete in the 28th annual Casa de Campo Sugar Golf Tournament, this year won by Joe Lipsky and Phil Blackmon.

sugar golf casa de campoEvery year the “Casa de Campo Sugar” tournaments take place in Casa de Campo to raise funds for the Fundación MIR charity, who run 3 schools in La Romana. The tournaments consist of the Casa de Campo Sugar Golf Tournament headed by Alfy Fanjul and the Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament headed by J.Pepe Fanjul – to be shot next week from the 23rd to the 28th of April.

Whilst the golf tournament events officially started on Wednesday with practice rounds and the Welcome Cocktail at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club sponsored by Benetti and IBI Yachts, it was on Friday and Saturday that the tournament rounds took place. The gentlemen golfers teed off around the Teeth of the Dog and the La Romana Country Club, whilst the lady golfers played on the Dye Fore and the Links.

Teeing off on the Teeth of the Dog, Casa de Campo
teeth of the dog

Sadly a little bad weather on Friday afternoon rained off the ladies play, who then just played their tournament round on Saturday afternoon. Whilst the men battled on through the rain on Friday – and were rewarded by a bright and sunny day of play on Saturday.

pete dye

Following or prior to teeing off, all the golfers enjoyed a buffet lunch either at the beautiful Dye Fore terrace, the La Romana Country Club or at the Practice range of the Teeth of the Dog.

On Saturday afternoon, golfers were treated to an extra bit of entertainment as a new statue of Pete Dye was unveiled in a special ceremony with the participation of Pete Dye and his family as well as Alfy Fanjul, Ramon A. Menendez, Eduardo Martinez-Lima, Leo Matos, Alfonso Paniagua and Claudio Silvestri, as well as many other VIP guests.
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Golf and sun at the La Romana Country Club, Casa de Campo
david winn

At the end of the day on Saturday the many golfers of the 28th annual Casa de Campo Sugar Golf Tournament gathered at “the board” to see their scores and the scores of their friends and competitors, a tense and exciting moment when the net champions were revealed to be Joe Lipsky and Phil Blackmon.

Crista Ryan, Alfy Fanjul,  Joe Lipsky and Phil Blackmon, Lillian Fernandez
sugar golf alfy fanjul

Casa de Campo Sugar Golf Tournament Results

Men’s Championship

Daily Lows
Day 1 – La Romana Country Club – Bob Kelly / Briggs Kilborne – 63
Day 1 – Teeth of the Dog – Roberto Sanchez / Frank Bonilla – 65
Day 2 – La Romana Country Club- Fernando Canto / Gerardo Pascual – 61
Day 2 – Teeth of the Dog – Joe Zubizarreta / Bibi Arteaga – 61

Gross Division
Champion – Doyle McBride / Chris Mitchell – 139
Runner-Up – Jerry Pate / Garry Drummond – 141

Net Division
Champion – Joe Lipsky / Phil Blackmon – 124
Runner-Up – Fernando Arguelles / Jorge Arguelles – 127
Third Place – Roberto Canto / Javier Canto – 127

As we have come to expect from the Casa de Camp Sugar Golf Tournament, the occasion was a magnificent gathering of remarkable people and included many dinners, cocktails and events to compliment the golfing; the Welcome Cocktail sponsored by Benetti and IBI Yachts, a dinner hosted at Casa Grande by Alfy Fanjul, the Argentine BBQ hosted by the Gonzalez-Bunster family and of course the grand prize-giving and dinner dance at the La Romana Country Club, as well as the MIR Bazaar and the ladies tennis tournament.
[Please click here for a complete overview of the entire Casa de Campo Sugar Golf Tournament 2013.]

The following collection of photos were taken on Friday and Saturday the 5th and 6th of April on the La Romana Country Club and Teeth of the Dog golf courses in Casa de Campo: 

Welcome Cocktail hosted by Benetti 

sugar golf tournament casa de campo

On Wednesday the 3rd of April 2013, the 28th annual Sugar Golf Tournament was officially opened with a welcome cocktail hosted by Benetti yachts represented in the Dominican Republic by Marina Casa de Campo business, I.B.I Nautica. The elegant soiree was celebrated at the Marina Casa de Campo’s beautiful Casa de Campo Yacht Club, where guests not only enjoyed plenty of champagne and Ron Atlantico mojitos, but also got the opportunity to step aboard a Benetti 93 Delfino, the first yacht in the world available to buy on a partial ownership basis.

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 Argentine BBQ and Pizza with the Gonzalez-Bunsters

sugar golf tournament casa de campo

On Friday evening the 5th of April, Casa de Campo villa owners, Rolando and Monica Gonzalez-Bunster hosted a spectacular dinner at their stunning burnt orange ocean-side Casa de Campo villa in the exclusive Costa Verde neighborhood. Guests enjoyed cocktails under the stars and a delicious meat BBQ with pizzas from the stone oven.

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Pete Dye is immortalized with a statue in his honor

alfy fanjul pete dye

On Saturday afternoon right before tee off, Pete and Alice Dye unveiled the new statue of Pete, which will now stand outside the Teeth of the Dog Pro-shop forever more.

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