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Jeanette Martinez Lima hosts a Café de la Leche to Dye Fore!

jeanette martinez lima

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jeanette martinez limaLast Friday the 1st of March 2013, Jeanette Martinez Lima hosted a wonderful Café de la Leche at the Dye Fore terrace – with literally a view to Dye Fore!

From 5pm in the afternoon, following a hard day at work, on the golf course or in the spa.. Casa de Campo’s lady community community of all ages gathered at the Dye Fore terrace, my personal favorite spot in the entire Casa de Campo resort – which with it’s breathtaking view of the Dye Fore golf course and the Chavón river highlighted with the blooming bougainvillea never looked more beautiful – and was, with good reason a focal point of the conversation, with every exclaiming “que lindo” (how beautiful!) and “que lugar hermoso!” (what a beautiful spot!).

jeanette martinez lima“It’s such a beautiful spot, I’ve always wanted to host an event here” 

— Jeanette Martinez Lima

Amongst the guests, was Jeanette’s daughter-in-law, Raquel Lima, who was accompanied by her 2 beautiful little girls and her mother.

Following rounds of refreshing sangria and a very naughty frozen coffee, the buffet was opened and guests enjoyed a selection of delicious finger foods as the sun set and the view glowed in the last light of the day.

It was yet another successful occasion – and a very special one, as it also marked Erika Vilain’s 48th birthday! Congratulations Erika! Erika, whose mother Xiomara founded the Hogar del Niño foundation, attended the gathering proudly showing off her new necklace “Los Niños”, a beautiful replica of the Hogar del Niño logo in sterling silver and cubic zirconia by Clarlin Rivera – a gift from her sister, Xiomarita Matos, purchased at the Hogar del Niño beach party!

Happy Birthday Erika!
erika vilain

The following beautiful collection of images were taken at the Café de la Leche hosted by Jeanette Martinez Lima on Friday the 1st of March at the Dye Fore terrace:  

About the Café de la Leche

cafe de la leche ana maria paniagua

The Cafe de la Leche is a monthly charitable event, a little like a coffee or a tea party held for the ladies of Casa de Campo (although men are occasionally invited) and usually takes place on the first Friday of the month, hosted by a member of the Casa de Campo villa at her Casa de Campo villa or occasionally restaurant/business.

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