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Fall is finally here and what a better way to welcome it than getting together with friends! This Friday, October 5th, the Patronato Benéfico Oriental (PBO) requests your attendance for this month’s Café de la Leche which will be hosted by Ivonna Sosa at her lovely home in La Cañas 8.

Cafe de la Leche has become a community that come together monthly to collect donations for the Hogar del Niño crib room. The women of the Casa de Campo and La Romana communities have been hosting these get togethers and supplying nutrition and formula for the Hogar del Niño crib room for seventeen years! Last month we celebrated it’s anniversary with Amelia Pereyra where the ladies enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvre and sang happy birthday!

Ivonna Sosa shares with us, “Our monthly gatherings benefit the Hogar del Niño with our contribution to their crib room, but they also benefit those of us who go go every month by keeping us united as a great family. It is the best pretext to go out and see each other, hug, laugh, share anecdotes, ask for advice, support our adventures, our passions and projects. Let’s support the Cafe de la Leche with our presence, let’s make the effort to bring for the first time that neighbor who has never been to one, the mother of your child’s school friend who does not speak Spanish, your work colleague or gym partner, who knows! Maybe you’ll find your new BFF or you’ll find out who gives guitar lessons for your son!”

So there you have it! Don’t miss this Friday’s gathering, from 5:00-7:00 pm where you will be surrounded by incredible people and supporting a great cause!  As always, men are welcome too! And remember to please contribute RD$1,200 or the equivalent in milk or formula for the Hogar del Niño’s Crib Room.

When: Friday, October 5th, 2018

Where: Las Cañas #8, Casa de Campo

Time: 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Contribution:  Milex Kinder, Gold, NAN, Enfamil, Alacta Plus, Nido Crecimiento of 1,800 grams, or RD $1,200