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The holiday season has just begun! Last Friday, Casa de Campo held its traditional tree lighting ceremony and with it the start of a variety of Christmas activities for the whole family! With this pandemic, most of us have had to cancel some (if not all) of our plans, but we enter this holiday season with hope. After all, it is “the most wonderful time of the year.”

We know it can definitely be a very busy season, but spending quality time with your family and creating happy memories for a lifetime is something not to be missed. That’s why we think this is also the perfect time to capture amazing end-of-the-year portraits with your loved ones. A Christmas photoshoot is something that everyone can do together, and you will be able to do it cautiously and safely. Family is one of the most important things in the world, and it is in difficult times like these that we need to be more united than ever. So why not have a Christmas photoshoot with your loved ones?

This year, we have teamed up with international photographer Felix Faura who will be available for 15 photoshoots in Casa de Campo until January 10th. Our dear friend María Cotarelo already booked a session with him and loved how relaxed and comfortable everyone felt. Felix gave them plenty of time for everyone to become familiar with the camera, which is not an easy task with children, but this allowed him to capture their true personalities and let them shine through each photograph.

For this holiday season, Feliz has designed several packages from which you can choose from half-day sessions to full-day sessions, which allows you and your loved ones to take all the time you need to feel comfortable, and thus achieve all the photos, styles, and poses that you would like, change clothes and even change locations within our beautiful resort.

All your photos will be delivered on a USB in full color and in black and white format and some of the packages also include a beautiful personalized and scented wooden box with a selection of your photos printed.

While this year may not have been what you expected, a family/couples/friends/individual photoshoot is a perfect way to capture your love for each other and turn them into lasting memories.

You can find Felix Faura’s dossier by clicking here. To book one of the 15 photo sessions, send an email to or call +1 (849) 206-2209. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity!

Below some of Maria’s pictures taken by Feliz Faura:

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