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It’s official! Altos de Chavón is THE best place to eat pizza in Casa de Campo!

pizza gino

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pizza ginoWe at Casa de Campo Living LOVE pizza, so with that in mind we decided to do a little survey and asked YOU our Casa de Campo community and avid readers; “Where to get the BEST, most delicious Pizza in Casa de Campo?” and discovered that the almost unanimous answer was “in Altos de Chavón” – with 2 restaurants in particular coming out ahead of the others……..

So, where makes THE best pizza in Casa de Campo?

Winner: Gino In Trastevere (37%)

Runner-up: Onno’s Bar (33%)

3rd: Limoncello (16%)

4th: The Beach Club by Le Cirque (11%)

5th: Peperoni (4%)

The survey was carried out both on Facebook and online with a total of 114 votes cast.

So although Gino In Trastevere and Onno’s Bar, both in Altos de Chavón were the clear winners, a result which we happen to agree with, here with the help of comments from the community who voted, we discuss the merits of pizza at Gino’s, Onno’s, Limoncello, the Beach Club by Le Cirque and Peperoni.

Gino In Trastevere – the most traditionally Italian and authentic pizza in Casa de Campo!

pizza gino

I personally LOVE pizza at Gino In Trastevere, the ingredients are very high quality and fresh, giving them an exceptionally great flavor AND they are perfectly thin, crispy and light – pair with a salad and you have a healthy (ish) dinner! Currently my favorite pizza at Gino’s is the “Pesto” (pictured above) with mozarella, pesto and parmesan, but I am also big fan of the “4 formaggi” (4 cheeses – mozzarella, gorgonzola, provola and emmenthal), “Capriciosa” (tomato sauce, mozzarella, eggs, artichokes, mushrooms, olives) and the “Gino” (tomato sauce, mozzarella, baby tomatoes, basil).

BUT… let’s not rely on my opinion – here are a selection of comments made by those members of the Casa de Campo community who voted for Gino’s as having the best pizza:

It’s so good how simple and thin crust it is…everything about it is so good. The sauce is so good!” — Michael Pelton

Real italian pizza ,very thin…VERY GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!” — Lelli Asch

Thin crust and fresh ingredients.” — Richard Laird

Lo mejor” [The best] — Orlando Apolinario

La masa es fina, crujiente y la materia prima fresca.” [The crust is thin and crispy and the ingredients are fresh] — Thelma Camilo

NOTE: Sadly Gino In Trastevere is currently CLOSED and we do not know when it will be re-opening….

Click here to read our “restaurant review” on Gino In Trastevere!

Onno’s Bar – the best “American-style” pizza in Casa de Campo!

pizza onno's

With a grand total of 38 votes from the Casa de Campo community, there was no doubt that pizza at Onno’s Bar must be good, so in the name of investigative journalism, Philip and I sacrificed ourselves and tried the pizza at Onno’s bar – and discovered that YES pizza at Onno’s Bar is good!

Unsurprisingly of course, although thin and crispy, the pizza at Onno’s Bar is not authentically Italian – making it without a doubt the best “American-style pizza” in Casa de Campo, on a casual night out and paired with a jug of margaritas (be careful they are deadly) Onno’s pizza is perfect, we liked the bacon and onion.

BUT…again let’s not take just my word for it, here are a few other positive comments from the Onno’s pizza eaters of the Casa de Campo community:

Onno’s Pepperoni pizza is the best at a great price.  The crust is thin and the taste is great.” — Martin Briones

Mejor Pizza!!!! ONNO’s!” [Best pizza! Onno’s!] — Luis

My cousin owns it. It’s amazing.” — Ben Castle (Not the ideal testement, but I had to include this one – it’s so honest it’s funny!)

Pizza at Limoncello – best enjoyed with champagne at La Enoteca! 

limoncello la enoteca

I love to indulge and yet I love a bargain (I’m British), so one of my all time favorite treats is the potato pizza from Limoncello, accompanied by a bottle (or 2) of champagne (my current favorite is Korbel Rosé). So the “bargain” trick is to sit at the La Enoteca wine bar, where you can enjoy your champagne, wine, cocktail or tipple of your choice at La Enoteca’s excellent prices (for instance the Korbel Rosé is only RD$1100 a bottle) and you can order the pizza from Limoncello.
[In actual fact you can order any food from any restaurant in the Marina area and eat it at La Enoteca – whilst enjoying their lower drinks prices and comprehensive drinks menu.]

A few comments about Limoncello from are readers included:

La frescura de sus ingredientes y la salsa.” [The freshness of the ingredients and the sauce] — Jose Arturo Ciprian

Fina, crocante y buenos ingredientes, buena mozzarella.” [Thin, crispy and good ingredients, good mozzarella] — Maria Jose Oliva

The Beach Club by Le Cirque – great location and great ingredients

pizza beach club

There are a few reasons why I like pizza at the Beach Club by Le Cirque; nothing beats eating on the beach, the ingredients are great AND they are different – sure they have some “typical” pizza’s, like the “peperoni”, but they also have some rather interesting and unusual ones, like the “Pizza Le Cirque”, with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, marinated artichokes, prosciutto, shaved Parmesan, arugula and truffle oil and the “Pizza Casa de Campo” with fresh mango, chorizo and a mint pesto, tomato sauce and mozzarella!

Our Casa de Campo Living readers also like pizza at the Beach Club by Le Cirque:

It always tastes very fresh.” — Sheila Febles

Because afterwards you can have a piña colada in the sand!” — Arturo Dickson

La frescura de sus ingredientes.” [The freshness of the ingredients] — America Mena

Pizza at Peperoni

Sadly I have never ever tried the pizza at Peperoni in the Marina Casa de Campo – so I have no comments, but a few of our readers commented on their experience of pizza at Peperoni:

Very crunchy and thin with lots of taste” — Valeria de Singh

Best ingredients” – Dani

Look out for our next Casa de Campo survey – coming soon! Thanks to all who took part and voted!

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