A hole-in-one is hard to come by at any level of golf; it is something some golfers can fail to achieve in a lifetime of playing golf. What are the odds of hitting your first one, after over 30 years playing at the Teeth of the Dog on your birthday!? This is exactly what happened to Mr. Klass Hammar, a long-time Casa de Campo guest who has been visiting us since 1985.

Since 1982, Mr. Klass Hammar has been a Tour Operator to the Caribbean focusing on golf vacations. During a travel show in Europe in 1985, Mr. Hammar met a salesperson from Casa de Campo who convinced him to come and make an inspection. The first person he met when he came on his first visit was Mr. Gilles Gagnon who was the Director of Golf at that time. “I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Gagnon again during my last visit Jan 11-30 when I made my Hole In One at the signature hole # 5 on Teeth Of the Dog on January 24th.”

During his first visit, Mr. Hammar fell in love with our resort and all its amenities and golf courses, “It didn’t take me long to realize that Casa de Campo was the best golf resort in the Caribbean,” Mr. Hammar tells us. Every year since then Mr. Hammar has promoted Casa de Campo to families and every golfer he meets. 

“In the late year 2003, we had had the biggest group with a total of 70 families / 330 parents and children who enjoyed not just golf, but also all the other activities that Casa de Campo has to offer such as horseback riding and tennis. In the morning fathers and sons would play golf while mothers and daughters went horseback riding and then be together on Minitas Beach for lunch and beach activities,” Mr. Hammar recalls. “I still remember when my family with our 3 boys and the other families all had a function dinner on the big square at Altos de Chavon and we had a full moon – It was spectacular!”

“Now I am a senior 74 years old, but I am still in the Travel Business, now I’m dedicated to organizing quality golf vacations for older golfers. Me and my wife Birgitta will both come back in November 2021 and in January 2022. We have many interested golfing friends who will travel again after receiving the vaccine against the covid 19 during this spring 2021.” 

Congratulations Mr. Hammar on your first ever hole in one and thank you for always choosing Casa de Campo!