The main Gallery in Altos de Chavón presents the art exhibition, “Hipótesis de reconstrucción”, of the outstanding Italian artist and architect GianFranco Fini, open to the public since February 2, 2018.

The title refers to the research that an artist always does on an idea, an intuition or a hypothesis, looking to decipher an idea, reconstructing an image, an itinerary or a design still unknown.

Putting yourself in front of a white canvas, any surface for a painter, a block of marble or clay for a sculptor, is always the beginning of a search itinerary of something ambiguous, hypothetical. It is the tentative, the hypothesis, of a construction or reconstruction.

Fini, a native of Rome and a resident of Casa de Campo for 25 years, is an architect, who is not only passionate about architecture but also art and painting. His house has an interesting collection of contemporary art with works by Richard Serra, Roy Liechtenstein, Andy Warhol, among other great ones.
The exhibition will remain open to the public until Tuesday, March 6, so do not miss the opportunity to go to the opening cocktail and talk with the artist and learn more about his inspiration for it.

Information and picture courtesy of Chavón School of Design