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Interview with Lyanne Azqueta Fanjul: “Education is the best way to combat poverty and change communities and nations for the better.”

lyanne fanjul fundacion MIR

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lyanne fanjul fundacion MIRThe Fundación MIR Family Weekend for Life is this Saturday the 11th of August and so in the final lead-up to the event we caught up with Lyanne Azqueta, Executive Director at the Fundación MIR to find out a little more about the event as well as the charity it supports. 

The Fundación MIR Family Weekend for Life

It’s this SATURDAY the 11th of August with tennis and golf tournaments as well as a dinner-dance featuring the “Tiffany’s Wall” and After-Party with DJ Gringo and tickets start at just US$150 per person!

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And now let’s meet Lyanne Azqueta, a passionate force behind the continued growth and development of the Fundación MIR Charity….

@cdcliving: What is the concept behind the “Family weekend for life event”(this Saturday August 11th)? What marks the event as different from the Magical Splendor (celebrated annually at the start of the year)?

Lyanne Azqueta: The Magical Splendor for Life was organized to support the efforts of Fundacion MIR. MIR (Mission International Rescue) is a non-profit organization that works to supply the Dominican Republic’s most marginalized people with a variety of life-altering services. Since 1990, we have served the women, youth and children of La Romana and the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic by partnering with and providing funding for social programs. With the help of benefactors, individual contributions, and events such as the Family Weekend, the programs provide an education and technical preparation for the people that are most in need in our community. Clinics are also held to provide medical/dental help to the community.

@cdcliving: What are the main attractions of the “Family Weekend” event and which is your favorite part?

Lyanne Azqueta: The event brings families together in the Golf and Tennis Tournaments, Tiffany Award Dinner, Dancing with a live band and famous DJ Gringo. There is something for all ages. I enjoy playing tennis and watching the children compete as well. Many of these children have helped MIR for years selling Tiffany boxes – a grand spectacle created by our sponsor to help raise funds for the schools. I personally buy a few boxes, as it is always nice to know that you are participating in a great cause and you are guaranteed a prize!

lyanne fanjul fundacion MIR@cdcliving: The money raised at the “Family weekend for life event” goes towards the everyday running of the schools – how much money does it take to keep the schools running?

Lyanne Azqueta: Each students costs MIR approximately US$1,000. Our sponsors, benefactors, individual contributors, and events such as the Family Weekend and Magical Splendor for Life Fashion Show Gala provide this amount. The students receive much more than a quality education. The campus, materials and equipment are better than most private schools and the teachers receive continuing education and certification from FIU in Miami. New clinics are also offered to teach swimming, basketball, dental/medical care and many others.

@cdcliving: The Fundación MIR now concentrates all it’s charitable efforts on the 3 MIR schools in La Romana – what was the reason behind this switch?

Lyanne Azqueta: Fundacion MIR has always emphasized education. We have collaborated in some health efforts with others, but it has never been our focus. Education is the best way to combat poverty and change communities and nations for the better.

@cdcliving: Do you have a message for the Casa de Campo community who support the Fundación MIR?

Lyanne Azqueta: The big message is THANK YOU and not only from us at MIR but from the kids. They are so grateful for the opportunity to study in an environment that is conducive to changing their futures. Watch our video a listen to them express their gratitude:

Here we remind you the fun activities for the Fundación MIR’s Family Weekend For Life – we look forward to seeing you there!

The Fundación MIR Family Weekend – Schedule of events

Tennis Tournament
US$225 (includes entrance to the dinner-dance) and just US$50 for kids!
Where: La Terraza Tennis Club, Casa de Campo La Romana
When: Saturday August 11th, 9am

Golf Tournament
US$250 (includes entrance to the dinner-dance)
La Romana Country Club, Casa de Campo La Romana
When: Saturday August 11th, 1pm

Dancing for Life Dinner and Gala
 US$150 (includes dinner-dance and the after-party!)
Where: Minitas Beach at Casa de Campo La Romana
When: Saturday August 11th, 8pm 
Mistress of Ceremonies:
 Pamela Sued

After Party with DJ GRINGO!
US$50 (or free if you are already at the dinner)
Where: Minitas Beach at Casa de Campo La Romana
When: Saturday August 11th, 11pm

The Fundación MIR

The Fundación MIR is a non-profit organization which works to provide education to the children of the greater La Romana area, who are most in need. They run 3 schools; the MIR Esperanza (boys vocational school), the Escuela Tecnica Vocacional Fundación MIR (girls vocational school) and the Primaria MIR (infants school).

For more information on the Fundación MIR and to make a donation, visit their website:

To make a donation contact the MIR office in Casa de Campo (809-523-8270) or in West Palm Beach (561-366-5095). Donations are tax deductible for US Citizens!

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