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Early September we brought you an article on WiFi options in Casa de Campo. As we mentioned back then, the internet is essential today. So being able to access the internet on the go is more and more important every day. 
Today we want to talk about other options available to you. 
Claro offers its customers their mobile broadband access, refered to as Banda Ancha de Claro, on their EVDO 3G network. This service which we have been using for a few days now not only gives you broadband access anywhere* but also lends itself as an alternative to Codetel/Costasur’s DSL internet services for your home. 
Approximately RD$1,500 monthly gives you unlimited** data access at speeds of up to 3.5 Mbps*** depending on signal and network availability.
Viva, formerly Centennial, also offers a similar service which they call Interjet de Viva.This service is approximately RD$1,600/month. Unfortunately their coverage does not reach Casa de Campo according to their service department but it can still be used in other areas of the country.
In a few weeks, as our trial period continues we will bring you a more detailed review.
*anywhere within their coverage network. Make sure to ask a service rep if your primary usage area is covered
**They also have other limited plans.
***According to this website, after you exceed 3GB of traffic within a billing period the max speed drops to 128 kbps. We have to say that we have yet to experience a drop in service and have downloaded several updates and programs. Also, this speed depends on network coverage, signal and other factors. On average our tests show 1.6 Mbs downstream and 386 kbps upstream.