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International Swim is now in Casa de Campo! Founder and Director, Hortensia V. Aguirre has created International Swim and Water Therapy to educate, serve and introduce individuals to a better, richer, healthier, more respectful and natural relationship and understanding with the water under expected or unexpected situations.

International Swim and Therapy is here to help prevent drowning and to help our bodies and souls heal in a soothing and pampered environment which the water provides for us.

International Swim is to assist caregivers, nannies, disabled, pool maintenance/attendants staff/employees, nurses, children, adults, infants and/or elderly; whether it is residential, commercial or non-for profits entities.

Catered services are provided in the U.S and abroad. This can be privately on a one-on-one basis or for institutions such as resorts, country clubs, religious institutions, schools, fundraising entities, etc.

Local: based in Miami, Florida; International Swim provides clients with swimming lessons, water safety instruction and/or water therapy in the comfort of their home. Alleviating, therefore; all stress in commuting with children, elderly or people with disabilities.

Overseas: International Swim will travel abroad to deliver its excellence in our services and programs depending on your needs. When hiring International Swim and Therapy abroad, customers can make use of our curriculum the full day for the total of days hired overseas.

International Swim promotes a convenient win-win opportunity for families in need of its services. Whether it is a single, two or four families that would like to hire it’s overseas education and leadership, International Swim will accommodate, schedule and plan a curriculum according to the needs of each specific group of clientele. For example, a group of families can hire IS in order to deliver water safety to the overall household, create a water fitness swim program, teach babies and kids in the families to learn how to swim and evaluate staff and employees such as crew ship, nannies, or anyone with continuous exposure to water.

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Here you can read a little more about Hortensia, the founder and director of International Swim:

Hello I’m Hortensia!

Hortensia is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is now half American and half Argentinean since she moved to The States as an adolescent.

Hortensia has always been exposed to the water and to teaching methods due to the fact that she’s been self-motivated to swim in her childhood and aid at summer camps. Also, she has been an observer of her older sister who certainly inspired her and who taught how to swim to lots of children in her home-based pool in Argentina.

Hortensia has a background of ten years now working independently in Miami with infants, kids, adults and people with special needs.

Throughout the years, she has developed a special faculty where she manages and excels the students’ potential in the water. She states: “I can teach, lead and deliver swimming education in one class where others do it in three to five classes”

Hortensia’s services are not only a ‘Learn to Swim’ program, but various “Water Therapy” methods for those in pain, post surgery or injuries.

Hortensia has been also hired overseas to deliver her expertise with renowned Casa de Campo families. Moreover, she’s flown her services to New York and Washington D.C.

Hortensia’s next visit to Casa de Campo will be from June 3 until June 10. She is now preparing an agenda to those interested on her teaching ability – so contact her now!