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On the occasion of women’s month, Arte Latino presents a special collective exhibition of women artists around the world.

“En la Superficie” por Marina Badenas
“En la Superficie” por Marina Badenas

The collective includes works by living legends of Latin American Art Elsa Núñez and Rosa Tavares, as well as outstanding artists of vibrant artistic expression such as Iris Pérez Romero. Through their creations, the artists express their emotions, realities, and sensitivities and represent those of everyone, while exploring innovative techniques and ways of doing so.

The physical exhibition has a virtual counterpart to the works, with videos and interviews of the artists and NFTs for the works. The funds from the sale of the paintings are intended for projects to support the development of women in Latin America, Women’s Innovation Laboratory and social projects of the Patronato Benéfico Oriental (PBO)

The traveling exhibition kicked off at Chez Space in Santo Domingo from March 15 to March 21, where it began with a discussion on cryptocurrencies, digital art, and NFTs.

From Friday, March 25th, the exhibition will be at WAO Gallery in Altos de Chavón, opening with a talk on cryptocurrencies, digital art and NFT at 7pm until April 20th.

“El Arte de Ser Mujer” is a joint effort of Arte Latino, the Civil Innovation Lab, the Women’s Innovation Laboratory, the Swiss gallery Peripherie Arts, curated by Carlos Miranda Levy, the social entrepreneur, and Carmen Miranda, with the collaboration and participation of the global community of artists of, innovating in art since 1998.

* Featured image “Duerme tranquila, el señor tiene el control” by Elsa Núñez

“El Arte de Ser Mujer”.

Friday March 25, 2022

WAO Gallery, Altos de Chavón,
La Romana, Dominican Republic

7:00 PM
Vernissage and Opening
Words from the Minister for Women
Accompanied visit with the artists

8:00 PM
Crypto, Art and NFT
Introductory Talk and Demo for artists and collectors by the expert in cultural innovation Carlos Miranda Levy and Luishy Medina, digital mining expert.