On Saturday the 7th of May, British artists James Adams and Shelley Longford will be celebrating the opening of their new art exhibit entitled “Dual Bearings” alongside Barceló Imperial, with a cocktail party at Paseo del Mar No. 2 in the Marina Casa de Campo from 7:30pm and you are all cordially invited!
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The exhibition will be open from the 7th of May through to May 29th and will showcase a variety of expressive paintings inspired by the sounds, colors and textures of the artists’ relatively new found Caribbean surroundings.

The Artists

James Adams

James Adams has been living and working in La Romana since 2005. Born in Guernsey, Channel Islands in 1980, from an early age he began to express his interest through visual form and particularly in painting. Whilst at university in Oxford and studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia; James broadened his contextual and conceptual awareness and refined his knowledge of new media including photography projects and film installations.

Since arriving in the Dominican Republic, he has been Head of Art at Abraham Lincoln School in Central Romana and completed an Artist-in-Residence program at the Altos de Chavón School of Design in 2008. He continues to nurture and explores his expressive painting style evoking speed and energy and the sensation of capturing a specific moment in time. He continues to exhibit work in galleries and showrooms in Guernsey and the UK.

Recent Exhibitions:

Summer Exhibit – The Coach House Gallery, Les Islets, Guernsey
Group Exhibit – Mill Street Gallery, Guernsey
Otoño: Artistas en Residencia – Galería Altos de Chavón, La Romana
A Family Affair – The Coach House Gallery, Les Islets, Guernsey
Portraits and Landscapes – Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, England

For more information and to view more of his work, please visit: http://www.wix.com/james_adams/artwork

Shelley Longford

Shelley Longford was born in Boston, England in 1982 and has always been inspired by her surroundings. She has been living in La Romana for four years and is a primary teacher at Abraham Lincoln School in Central Romana. Her current role as lower school Art Subject Coordinator has given her the opportunity to not only share this passion and creativity with the children she teaches, but to further develop her own skills as an artist.

“I am so lucky to be able to wake up everyday and do what I love”

From an early age, she knew art was her passion and was determined to pursue it as a career. She decided to study Art and Design alongside Education at Warwick University in the UK and found her inspiration at the time came from architecture and urban landscapes. Since moving to the Dominican Republic and being amazed at the natural beauty she found here, she also took up photography to better capture the essence of the Caribbean lifestyle. Shelley feels more inspired than she had ever been and now aims to “juxtapose the vibrancy and tranquility” she has found here in her artwork.

“I consider my work personal snapshots of my time in the Caribbean”

The Abraham Lincoln School

The Abraham Lincoln School, located within Central Romana, in the town of La Romana, is a private school for the children of employees of the Central Romana Corporation, but is also attended by other children who pay yearly tuition fees.

Click here to read more about the Abraham Lincoln School!