Last Thursday the 22nd of April the Altos de Chavon art gallery hosted yet another exhibition open at it’s main art gallery in Altos de Chavon. The exhibit being inaugurated is called ‘Masa Femenina’ and is a an individual exhibit by the artist Jean Girigori, who is considered as one of the most influential modern artists in the Caribbean. I must admit that I’m not an artist and am really only a very minor art aficionado, but that being said, I absolutely loved this exhibit. Jean uses strong, bold colours, with an emphasis on warm pink and blue tones. I too many photos of the paintings in the exhibit, which I will post soon. The exhibit will remain open only until the 10th of May – so I strongly recommend you go now and take a look, the art is truly spectacular, you won’t regret the trek up there! Among the people who came the inauguration event were Altos de Chavon students, Casa de Campo residents and vistors and Agustin, from Agustin en TV, who filmed a short interview with a number of people as well as the art and atmosphere at the event. Here is a photograph of Jean Girigori, taken at the Altos de Chavon exhibit, next to one of her paintings: Here are a number of photos taken during the event, of people admiring the art work: The following is information about the artist, Jean Girigori: (a leer eso en Español, haz click aqui)
The famous Caribbean artist registers in her itinerary of international exhibitions, individual presentations in important museums, cultural centers, galleries and art fairs of Curacao and the principal countries of The Caribbean; including the presentation of personal exhibitions in the Museum of Modern Art of the Dominican Republic and the own Alto de Chavon cultural Center where she exhibited individually in the year 2002. Her works has been also exhibited in European galleries, The United States and Latin America. Forger of an artistic and personal life that seems to travel between the legend and the reality, Jean Girigori, according to one of her biographers Frank Martinus Arion, was born on the high seas, in the seas of The Caribbean in the ship where her father was working as navigator. Later, at very early age she travels to Hait, where she formed herself artistically with the prestigious teacher Jean Paúl Héctor; later she guaranteed her pictorial formation with studies of art in the city of New York, for to go to Curacao to initiate her intense periplus of individual and collective exhibitions in the principal cities of the western world. As recognition of her painting, renowned academics, artcritics and art restorators of different nationalities has given special attention to the study and investigation of her paintings. Among them can be emphasized the Ex-prime Minister of Curacao Maria Liberia-Pieters; Frank Martínez Arion, Nel Casimir, Reinaldo Bibolini, Brede Kristensen and the out-standing international art restorator Jenifer Smith. From the Dominican Republic those who had studied and went deeper into her art works are Marianne de Tolentino, Director(Principal) of the National Gallery of Fine arts and ex-chairwoman of the Dominican Section of international art critics Association ; as well as Amable Lopez Meléndez, principal Curator of the Museum of Modern Art of the Dominican Republic and ex-president of the Dominican Section of the International Association of Artcritics; the same as Frank Marino Hernández, deceased, out-standing collector and ex-president of the Governing Patronage of the Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo, who was defining it in an analytical essay of her authorship as ” the painter of the magic arch “, due to the impact and dramatic seduction of her art, always impregnated with symbolisms and emotional fits provided with a strong humanistic and social passion.