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artesacro This Thursday the 22nd of October the Altos de Chavon art gallery hosted another successful inauguration of their latest art exhibit ‘Artesacro Santos de Palo,’ exhibiting the work of Dominican artists Mauricio Brito and Martin Lopez. artThe exhibit was a fascinating collection of essentially religious wooden artifacts, which doesn’t sound overly interesting or beautiful, but were in my opinion very, very good. The collection includes wooden statues of religious men, in traditional clothing, with their heads bent over, almost as if they are praying, and similar wooden frames. Also featuring prominently is the familiar image of Jesus on the cross – with each Jesus on the cross having it’s own unique style and features. Most interesting of all were the hand statues, the large hand you can see above and the smaller hand with the crucifix and religious men at it’s fingertips; simply fascinating. This same exhibit came to Altos de Chavon two years ago and was so popular and the art sold at such a rate that the Altos de Chavon art gallery had to send for more pieces several times before the exhibit closed – a testament to the quality and popularity of these two artists work. On hand to explain their art were the two artists Mauricio Brito and Martin Lopez, as well as their teacher Bidó.