The Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archeology has just announced its first Indigenous Heritage Festival. October 12th is the day of the discovery of America, the Day of the Race. For this reason, the Museum wanted to give it a twist of pride and identity and hold a Festival of our indigenous heritage with various very interesting activities.

The Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archeology documents the indigenous legacy of our culture. It is open every day until 9 pm for all visitors to learn more about the intellectual, artistic, and cultural landscape of the Dominican Republic. The museum has a magnificent collection of more than 3,000 pieces found in the region and collected by Samuel Pión for more than 40 years. They show, in chronological order, the evolution of the culture of indigenous societies from the pre-agricultural era to the time of the Taínos, the dominant culture on the island when the Spanish arrived.

The Museum hosts a wide range of activities, such as conferences, temporary exhibitions, research visits to rural areas, and different workshops for tour guides. They even have a special “Discovery Room” for children, where activities are organized for children, giving them the opportunity to be archaeologists through various educational activities.

Starting this Saturday, October 1st, the museum invites you to the inauguration of the Indigenous Heritage Festival with the exhibition of the artisans, the Guillen Brothers, “Guara Taíno”. The Guillen Brothers make very beautiful crafts with the theme of the Taínos. These beautiful sculptures, vessels, cemís, etc. will be on display throughout the month and available for sale.

The festival will continue on Saturday, October 8th, they will have a children’s activity with a storyteller of a Taino child, the enchanted valley, and a hummingbird that the Tainos called Zun Zun, the storyteller will be accompanied by a workshop on the elaboration of Taino body ornaments.

Friday, October 14th, will be the main day of celebration with a commented guided tour with anecdotes and stories narrated by the archaeologist, plastic artist, and architect Christian Martínez who was director of the Museum of Dominican Man for more than twelve years. After the visit, the famous writer Lucia Amelia Cabral will circulate her book “Zumeca” in the museum. It is a fictionalized story of the first indigenous woman to procreate a mestizo child with a Spanish conqueror, she being the first translator of the Spanish in Quisqueya.

And to conclude the 1st Festival of Indigenous Heritage, the documentary “Santo Domingo: Primada de América” ​​directed by Pinky Pintor and written by Huchy Lora will be screened on October 20. It tells the story of the arrival of Columbus to the island, the first foundations, the development of the city of Santo Domingo, and the Sermon of Montesinos. An excellent production masterfully set.

All activities are free of charge. We hope to see you there!