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Improve your swing at Night Golf with these tips!

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Improve your swing at Night Golf with these tips!

Let’s light up the Friday night sky THIS Friday, April 22nd at the upcoming Night Golf event. Are you looking for a new and exciting way to play golf? Beat the heat by playing at night!

Night Golf can be enjoyed by all ability levels and is seriously fun. Imagine hitting an illuminated golf ball down the driving range that’s full of LED lights with targets and hoops! Cool right? It also happens to be a great way to improve your game without the pressure. Here are five tips for a better swing:

  • Keep your swing on the line: The goal is to keep the club face open and pointed toward your target. Picture a line from your golf ball to the target and swing the club face on that line.
  • Visualization of your swing and trajectory of the ball in the process is quite useful. Keeping the ball slightly ahead of center makes it easier to hit with a square clubface.
  • Grip with your fingers: An inexperienced golfer grips with their palms, which not only causes hooks and slices due to over control, but the summer heat on golf courses can cause clubs to slip through sweaty hands on more than one occasion. Let the club’s grip rest on the space where your fingers connect to your palms. Relax your grip and focus on your swing’s path instead of your grip.

Night Golf Casa de Campo

  • Stay committed: Next to the grip, the greatest evil in a golfer’s swing is a lack of follow through. The best golf tip I have ever received is to “keep my head down and chin up.” At impact, you want the club to fully release while keeping your head behind the ball. Your head should naturally rise with your right shoulder. It is that motion that creates a smooth and balanced follow through.
  • Balanced Approach: In many ways, balance should probably be first on the list. Yet, it extends beyond just your posture. Sure, you need to remember that your shoulders should be over your knees when preparing to swing. But, you should also remember to approach the ball with a balanced swing, otherwise your hit will lack a consistent, smooth delivery. Noteworthy in golf, balance should also extend to your mental state with a positive and focused mind.

Join Night Golf this Friday and light up the night sky with your new and improved swing!


Night Golf LogoWhere: Teeth of the Dog Driving Range

When: April 22nd, 6:30pm – 11:30pm


  • Admission is Free
  • LED Golf Balls – US$25/bucket
  • Putting/Chipping Contests with prizes – US$5
  • BBQ and full cash bar are open all night!

Contact: Golf Pro-Shop, (809) 523-8115, Ext. 3187

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