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Interview with Marinella Sallent, director of the Dominican National Ballet

Dominican National Ballet

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Dominican National BalletPrior to the much-awaited performance of “The Fall Dance”, this Saturday December 14th at Altos de Chavón amphitheater, we were anxious to know what await us from the Dominican National Ballet, and so we got together with Marinella Sallent, director of the Dominican National Ballet.

Considering ballet as the most developed form of physical entertainment around the world, this profession requires dedication, discipline, perseverance, talent, physical strength and so much more, one of the many reasons ballet performances are enjoyed across the world.


In our desire to know more about this beautiful discipline and it’s growth here in the Dominican Republic, here we join Marinella Sallent, a graduate of the Rey Juan Carlos university in Spain with a degree in Dance Teaching and Masters in Performing Arts. In addition to being director of the Dominican National Ballet, she is also the lead teacher behind “The Fall Dance” performance this Saturday December 14th in the magnificent Altos de Chavon amphitheater.

@cdcliving: Tell us the story behind “The Fall Dance”.

The Dominican National Ballet is an institution that belongs to the Dominican Ministry of Culture, and performs during two seasons each year; the spring season and fall season, during which we perform different scenic proposals.

This fall we had a recognized international guest, the Belgian-Colombian choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa with a national premiere: “[email protected]” This piece is based on still life paintings, that consist of a fruit basket with an apple in the middle… The choreographer gives life to this biblical fruit, in a piece full of humor and sordid situations!

Also by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa you’ll we see “Aguaviva”, an emblematic piece of the Dominican National Ballet that has obtained excellent international reviews.

In the same manner, we will also enjoy a choreography by Dominican, Elizabeth Crooke “Mi Fuerza Interior”. The Dominican National Ballet always includes Dominican pieces as part of their repertoire.

 @cdcliving: What can we expect about your next performance?

The dancers of Dominican National Ballet are young, competent and qualified. Their performance will showcase the artistic growth that our institution has been developing on the basis of a lot of hard work and sacrifice

@cdcliving: How many dancers are in the group? What are their ages? and tell us about them.

The dancers of the Dominican National Ballet are almost equal amounts of males and females. Their ages fluctuate from 18 to 30 years and the majority are graduates of the Dominican National School of Dance (ENDANZA) that is our feeder school. A small percentage come from privates academies across the Dominican Republic.

 @cdcliving: How do you feel about presenting “The Fall Dance” at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater? What particular challenges presents performance at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater?

Artistically, the scenery of Altos de Chavón is awesome and being able to dance in such a beautiful place, is a challenge. In addition, Altos de Chavón has welcomed artists of a great international recognition and we are proud that our institution is able to display our art in such a remarkable place

@cdcliving: What was your inspiration for founding the the Dominican National School of Dance (ENDANZA)?

I am currently the director of both institutions, and I also founded both; The Dominican National Ballet in 1981 and the Dominican National School of Dance (ENDANZA) in 1994. The creation of the Dominican National Ballet created a need for the Dominican National School of Dance (ENDANZA), which feeds dancers for the three main institutions of formal dances: The Dominican National Ballet, National Folkloric Ballet and Contemporary Dance Project.

 @cdcliving: What have been your most outstanding achievements?

Creating the Dominican National School of Dance (ENDANZA) provided the platform for the formation of professional dancers, improving the artistic quality of members of the dance companies in the entire Dominican Republic. With a group of dancers with an excellent formation, another achievement has been the international recognition of the Dominican National Ballet.

Dominican National Ballet

@cdcliving: How has dance and arts in the Dominican Republic progressed in the last few years?

On a general level much progress has been made in dance. We are attending international festivals, as well as celebrating national and international dance festivals in our own country. The reputation of the Dominican Republic is already notable, and we are also no being recognised throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

@cdcliving: What is the future of the young dancers of the Dominican National Ballet and ENDANZA?

The future of the young dancers of both these institutions is to keep working hard with love and passion as they do, to continue to grow and gain recognition in our society as valuable professionals.

 @cdcliving: The Dominican National Ballet counts on the support of the Patronato Dominicano por la Danza. What can you tell us about this charitable organization?

The Patronato Dominicano por la Danza was founded in 2009, with the main objective to support the Dominican National Ballet, however also with the aim to help dance in the entire country as well. The Patronato Dominicano por la Danza  has without a doubt greatly influenced the artistic growth of the Dominica National Ballet in the last 4 years – through sponsoring international choreographers, master classes and the creation of a bank of ballet slippers, an indispensable tool for the dancers, which has a very high cost.

Ballet “The Fall Dance”

When: Saturday December 14th, 7:30pm

Where: Altos de Chavón amphitheater

Tickets: Complimentary entrance!

Contact: To reserve your tickets please contact the Villas Owners Club: (809) 523-8097 or the Amphitheater at (809) 523-2424.

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