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Hurricane Katia: Hopefully Heading North!

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Hurricane Katia, the second hurricane of the Atlantic Hurricane season, is to be perfectly honest a bit of a worry…..despite predictions that have her sailing North of the Dominican Republic, I can’t help but think – what if?? 

I think we all know that Tropical Cyclones (Tropical Storms and Hurricanes) are in essence unpredictable beasts and whilst all the fancy computers, programs and mapping systems the National Hurricane Centre uses to tell us where a hurricane is going – there is always a degree of inaccuracy – and that degree of inaccuracy can mean the difference between a devastating direct hit and a few days of unpleasant weather. A scary thought.

So what can we do? Nothing – we just have to hope (and pray) that Hurricane Katia sticks to her assigned route and leaves us alone!

Hurricane Katia – The Facts

  • Tropical Storm Katia became Hurricane Katia during the night
  • Currently, Hurricane Katia has maximum sustained winds of 75mph
  • The centre of Hurricane Katia is now 1600 miles from the Dominican Republic’s capital city, Santo Domingo
  • Hurricane Katia is a category 1 hurricane, who is ‘predicted’ to develop into a category 2 hurricane by tomorrow (Friday) evening and a category 3 hurricane by Sunday.
  • Hurricane Katia’s predicted path takes her to the North of the Dominican Republic – she is predicted to come no closer than 500 miles of our Northern shoreline.
  • Hurricane Katia is a little behind schedule, but is on track! What does that mean? Well, if you compare where she is now with where she was predicted to be, Katia is on the track that was predicted for her – but her development has been slower than anticipated, according to predictions she should have developed into a Hurricane sooner.

Hurricane Katia: None of the “forecast models” cross the Dominican Republic

The Good News
All ‘forecast models’ (even the crazy outlier one) take Katia NORTH of the Dominican Republic – so for now it looks like the Dominican Republic and Casa de Campo is set to stay Hurricane free! Woohoo!
Hurricane Katia will (hopefully) move into the ‘trough’, because hurricanes lurve troughs! 
From the “weather channel” (
Maybe I’m a pessimist (or sensationalist more like), but I find the “forecast models” very difficult to believe. However, this morning I watched channel #93, the weather channel over breakfast and they explained WHY Hurricane Katia is expected to head North and although they were very brief in their explanation – I’m now much more convinced! So WHY do they say Katia will head North? Because a ‘trough’ in the Northern Atlantic ocean (off of the Eastern coast of the US) will drag it that way. A trough is an area of ‘low pressure’ and as ‘troughs’ are often the birth place of Tropical Cyclones – Hurricanes seem to be inexplicably attracted to them….sorry that’s all I know!
(Reminder: I am a weather ‘enthusiast’ not an expert!)

We suggest that you follow the movements of Hurricane Katia closely so that you can be fully prepared, the below links are fantastic sources for keeping up-to-date: – The National Hurricane Centre – The Weather Channel – Great storm tracking device – the Dominican Republic’s official weather warning people (this one is in Spanish)

Twitter: We recommend following NHC_Atlantic – for regular tweets on Tropical Storm Emily’s progress.

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