Hurricane Irma

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Many residents in Casa de Campo have already heeded our advice on Sunday to be prepared for Hurricane Irma and stock up on essentials before it’s too late. Click here to read our Hurricane Tips and click here for a Basic Disaster Supplies Kit. Hurricane Irma is now a Category 5 storm and a Hurricane Watch has been issued from Cabo Engano to the Haitian border of the Dominican Republic. The country’s National Emergency Commission met yesterday at the National Palace to implement the first phase of their plan in case of impact, which is to deter severe damage to the roads for transportation, according to Public Works minister, Gonzalo Castillo.

Hurricane Irma

Reports are indicating 10+ inches of rain and flights to and from the Santo Domingo airport are already delayed. A public alert for Puerto Rico indicates the storm intensity has reached 180 mph winds moving west at 14 mph and: “Irma is expected to cause extreme and catastrophic dangerous winds, storm surge, rip currents and rainfall impacts across the local islands.” Our northern coast of the Dominican Republic is due to receive the strongest impact, and residents should remain vigilant of flash flooding and landslides.

What does this mean for you?

While we are hoping for the best case scenario, it’s important to be prepared for the worst just in case. If the Hurricane Watch for the Dominican Republic turns into a Hurricane Warning, it’s safest to board up your windows. Check your local hardware stores for materials TODAY before they are sold out! Remember to stock up on water and food that doesn’t require refrigeration in case we lose power. Watch out for heavy rains that can seep under windows and doors and clog pipes. If you’re located in a zone that’s prone to flooding, its best to consider staying with a friend. Also, with powerful winds, if your roof is not made of cement, relocating is important. The Flamboyan Center will offer a shelter for those who would like to stay; registration can be done by calling the Club de Dueños. Park your car or vehicle in a garage, and by all means DO NOT GO OUTSIDE during the storm! Flying debris can result in casualties.

While it is still not certain how closely the hurricane will affect the Dominican Republic, please stay safe and ready.

Read Costasur’s Cautionary Measures:

Before the hurricane:

  • Pay attention to the official bulletins transmitted by radio, television and written press.
  • Prepare a first aid kit with non-perishable food, radio, flashlight, personal documents and medicines.
  • Cut branches from trees that could fall off and cause damage.
  • Secure doors and windows with additional iron supports that withstand strong winds.
  • Secure glass windows with tape, special adhesive paper or plywood to prevent someone from being injured.
  • Analyze the probabilities of having to evacuate the home.
  • Secure all objects that are not fixed to the floor, such as furniture, appliances, decorative objects, grills, etc.

During the hurricane:

  • Keep calm and reassure your family members. An anxious person can make many mistakes.
  • Keep gas, light and water disconnected until there is no leakage or danger of a short circuit.
  • Avoid being near doors and windows, where there are glass or open spaces.
  • Have a potable water supply, first aid kit, flashlight and radio on hand to receive information and instructions from official sources.
  • Do not light candles; use battery flashlights.
  • If the wind opens a door or window, do not advance towards it frontally.
  • Do not go out until authorities inform that the hazard has ended.

After the hurricane:

  • Check the house carefully and make sure there is no danger.
  • Make sure electrical appliances are dry before connecting them.
  • Use the phone only to report emergencies to 911.
  • Remove stagnant water to prevent mosquito pests.
  • Houses located in front of the sea must keep the security measures for 48 hours.

Important: Prevention begins with us, our family and the community.


As of 2:00 PM AST TUES SEPT 5: 
Location: 16.9°N 59.1°W
Moving: W at 14 mph
Min pressure: 926 mb
Max sustained: 185 mph

Information from the National Hurricane Center.