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Sparkling Tips for Casa Ladies: How to show off your jewelry

Show off your jewelry

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Show off your jewelryIt’s no secret that we’re all fascinated by jewels. We love to buy jewelry, and it’s even better when we get them as presents! But beyond that, what we really like is that feeling we get when we wear those spectacular earrings, that necklace that makes us look radiant, or the ring or bracelet that draws the spotlight to our hands!

The problem comes when we don’t know how many jewels we should use. We don’t want to look like a christmas tree, but neither an unpainted canvas. So, to make everything a little simpler, this week I bring you some tips that will be really helpful when choosing the accessories and turning an ordinary look into a more striking one.

Show your style

Jewelry usually has some sort of sentimental value; wedding rings, family jewels or jewelry that marks some point or event in your life. But this kind of jewelry doesn’t necessarily shows your personal style. Some of us don’t leave home without several layers of necklaces, and some others feel good with just some small earrings. The important thing here is to feel good. So, please, don’t get stressed and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful! Mark your style with no fear!

Show your style

Keep the elegance

If you have multiple bracelets and bangles on your arm, you obviously have to reduce the earrings and necklaces to a minimum. If your clothing have bold designs or are sparkly, you should use less jewelry to avoid your clothes competing with your necklace/bracelets/earrings. Custom jewelry adds some style to your outfit, but try not to use cheap stuff or a very bad version of the original piece.


Liven up your outfit with a necklace

No matter what you’re wearing, there is always a necklace to spice up your clothes. Whether it is a simple necklace like a gold chain with a pendant or a string of pearls, or a more daring, flashy, bib type necklace with striking stones.


Frame your face with earrings

The earrings have a big impact on your outfit, and even though they’re small, they are in the most direct visual line when you’re talking to someone. For this reason you should take them into account and choose earrings that complement the shape of your face. Remember our tips on the earrings and the shape of our face?


Let your hands do the talking

You don’t have to wear a ring with an exaggerated stone to make a difference. A simple gold ring, or one with a striking stone or several rings on each finger are enough to complement your look and mark your style.


Accentuate your arms

The best way to do this is by using bracelets. They can be simple, exotic, sophisticated, or very bold. Bracelets give an extra touch to your outfit. Whether you wear them in layers, or just a “cuff”, or one full of charms, bracelets give personality to your style.


So there you have it. Knowing how to use your jewelry will no longer give you a headache! Just follow my tips, match your jewelry to your outfit, and shine like never before!

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Clarlin Rivera - Joyería Contemporanea_1About Clarlin Rivera

Clarlin Rivera Paredes was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic in 1981, where currently resides. Throughout her career, Rivera has done collective exhibitions at the “San Juan Beauty Show” in Puerto Rico in 2007 and 2011. She was also part of the collective exhibition entitled “Eindwerk” in Syntra Brussels, Belgium, and finally in 2013 at “RotaBazaar “in La Romana.

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