As the date for celebrating the traditional Owners Weekend approaches, Costasur is pleased to inform that for the dinner and dance party scheduled for Saturday, November 18th, owners and offsprings associated with the villa are invited to attend at no cost! Owners will have the opportunity to invite an additional maximum of four guests, per villa. A fee of one hundred dollars will apply per guest.

They ask that you fill out and return the attached registration form with the participants information associated to your villa. The attached form must be signed by the authorized owner of the villa and sent to the Villa Owners Club by Friday, November 17th (

To pay for your guests you must go to the Villa Owners Club or authorize the direct charge to the property account. For any additional information or assistance related to this celebration, you may contact the Villa Owners Club at (809)-523-2079 or (809)-523-2080.

Get ready for Dueños Weekend 2017 this month!

Dueños is the party of the year for villa owners! Longtime friends will be here once again in the resort to enjoy this weekend with us. This year, the event will take place on November 17th and 18th and today we’re sharing the weekend’s program of activities. The Dueños weekend typically doesn’t change too much, but that doesn’t mean villa owners have any less fun. Quite the contrary in fact, it ensures that year after year it’s just as entertaining as always – or even more! Read more here.