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Sparkling Tips for Casa Ladies: How to invest in jewelry

Sparkling Tips Invest in Jewelry

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Sparkling Tips Invest in JewelryKeeping in mind that with jewels we can express love, show our wealth, and our personality to the world, and if we add to all the fact that worldwide many cultures use jewlry as currency, we can conclude that jewelry can be a very interesting piece of investment.

We also know that in this world in which we live in we can find all kinds of jewelry and styles of it, and we want to be stylish and always look better (because we all look good already), that’s why today I will focus on providing some tips for those of you who want to invest your money in jewelry and don’t know where to start, because as some of us know, some jewels lose their value over time.


When bought from a dealer, whether they’re luxury or high street style, jewelry immediately loses its value. A piece that today costs US$500, will resell tomorrow for only US$150. And it could take more than 10 years to recover its original value.

Costume jewelry

With fashion jewelry we should be even more careful, because these pieces are seasonal and therefore, they lose their value faster. But pieces from emerging, young designers can be a good investment option, since they have a low cost of production and marketing.

Fashion Jewelry


Vintage jewelry, such as the collection of the Duchess of Windsor, a gift from her husband, the British King, Edward VIII, is an example jewelry which will increase in value. The value increases by the designer’s name and its famous owner. Today, the most sought after vintage jewelry are those from the Art Deco movement and pieces with a contemporary feel, especially if they are by Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels for example. These pieces have diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires set in platinum.

Vintage Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

The value of antique jewelry, which must be more than 100 years to be considered as such, doesn’t necessarily increase over time. For instance; Victorian jewelry is uncomfortable for modern tastes, and their original stones may be damaged or broken, and may have been replaced by other stones. However Gregorian and Edwardian jewelry, from the first three decades of the 20th century, have a simpler design and are worth considering as a long term investment.

Edwardian Jewelry

The quality of the materials is an important point to consider since the higher the quality, the longer they last, and thus maintain their value. It’s always good to look for a second opinion on the stones of the piece and the metals in which they are embedded. In Europe, jewelers do not consider gold of less than 18 carats as a precious metal, although gold of 8, 9, 10 or 14 carats could be a choice for Americans. Pearls turn opaque with time as perfume damages their surface.

These are just some points to consider when buying jewelry as investment pieces. I hope you liked them. Remember to spend smart!

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