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Who doesn’t love to go on vacation? Whether is abroad or just leaving the city it is always a great way to step out of the routine. But, booking your holiday can sometimes be so overwhelming that it is certainly a blessing that we can just go out and find is a decent and reliable travel agent who can walk us through, or even do, the seemingly daunting process. With so many agencies out there, finding the right one to plan your next vacation can seem like a challenging task.

Some people might even go as far as saying that finding the right travel agent is like finding the right doctor, it might sound a bit extreme but it is your leisure time and you have to make sure that you are working with someone that can guarantee that you will have a great time. Good travel agents have an edge over almost any other seller of travel. They know what you want, they speak your language, and they’re there for you when you run into trouble. 

However, we are sure most of you reading this will know of either yourself, or someone close to you, that has had a negative experience with a travel agent. That is why we decided to make a small guide to ensure you find your travel agent soul mate and get the most out of your holiday.

  • Finding an local agent is often a great idea, since you are able to find references who you can reach out to directly to ask about their experience.
  • Honesty and transparency are the keys to building the right relationship between you and your travel agent.
  • Look for a specialist: Most travel agents can book any type of trip, but the best ones have experience with and knowledge about a specific destination.
  • Figure out your needs:  Do you want someone who is a specialist in a particular destination? Or are you looking for someone who can help plan your travel for years to come? Depending on their experience these can be the same person.
  • Destination knowledge: Lets be honest not every agent might have already been to where you want to go, but  if you find an agent who knows about or is willing to do a bit of research for you on your destination of choice, then you know you’re onto a good thing.
  • Time saving: The time and hassle a travel agent can save you in booking your around-the-world holiday will be worth the extra few dollars you may have saved on the airfares offered on various different online platforms.
  • Genuine interest: You want to make sure you are talking to someone who is genuinely interested in you, your ideas and intrests.

So, with that in mind we have a recommendation for you – Andima Travel & Consulting. This agency offers the following services:  Airline tickets, Cruise ships, National and International Hotels: according to your preferences; Touring circuits: organized so you can make the most of your vacation, get to know the best destinations, restaurants and shops; Travel Insurance: so that you feel safe wherever you go; All kinds of visas: so you can travel to that place you’ve dreamed of so much; National and international transportation services.

They are located in La Romana, just a few minutes outside of Casa de Campo. Andima is a travel agency that was born to meet the needs of those who love to travel and explore new places with excellent services and a staff with great human relations, in a modern, relaxed and avant-garde office space. Pay them a visit, tell them what you want, like, your concerns, limitations, budget, priorities, etc and we are sure they will be able to help you design the getaway of your dreams.

Bon Voyage!

Andima Travel & Consulting

Where: C/ Eugenio A. Miranda, esq. Diego Avila #52, Local 1C

Contacts:  809-384-4239 Whatsapp 849-206-2209, email:

When: Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 6:30 pm Saturday 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

Social media: Instagram: andimatravel Facebook: andimatravel