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Hot off the press: CasaLife Magazine Fall 2018 has arrived!

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It gives us immense pleasure to say our fall edition of CasaLife magazine is here!! Inside you’ll find a review of last season’s events both social and philanthropic, a beautiful wedding in Chavón, an interview with one of Casa community members as well as a Chavonero who is now studying at Parsons School of Design in New York, new exotic fashion statements, the new trend du jour when it comes to designing villas in Casa and much, much more!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Renata Soñe, former beauty queen and renowned public speaker who told us about the merits of visualization and the value of staying true to oneself. She tells us of the pressure of being in the public eye but the key is to always stay true to one self and our values “For me, being in the public eye is not only to show what you are wearing or where you are, it is more to contribute to society and try to make a change helping others.”  Renata Soñé is without a doubt an inspiration for us all! 

In this edition of CasaLife Magazine you’ll find the chicest new gadgets and fashion must-haves, as well as the new trend in villas designs. Using long-lasting and beautiful materials such as travertine, coral and other natural stones creates a feeling of luxury and tranquility that will stand the test of time. With over 200 varieties of natural stones, Design Center Marmotech has become the go-to company for architectural masterpieces and projects, ideal for designing any dream villa find out within our pages everything you can do with them. 

As usual, we bring you a summary of all the important events recently held in Casa de Campo; like the the Fundación MIR Family Weekend, the 41st edition of the Casa de Campo Tennis Open 2018,  autumn’s exotic seasonal styles, Cartier’s fashionable fete, and an interview with an outstanding Chavonero, Pedro Troncoso who graduated this year from Chavón School of Design and earned a full scholarship to continue his studies in New York. Read all about how and where he gets his inspiration from and how his family is a big part of his life. 

Pick up a copy of CasaLife magazine along with Casa de Campo Living magazine now at the Casa de Campo Hotel, Minitas Beach, the Marina Casa de Campo, and in Altos de Chavón, or your own personal copy will be delivered to your villa! If you do not receive CasaLife and Casa de Campo Living to your villa in Casa de Campo, please click here to update your details! 

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