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Honoring the INMORTALES at the 4th Inductions into the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame!

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salon de la fama del beisbol latinoFrom Thursday the 7th to Saturday the 9th of February 2013, Casa de Campo was honored by the presence of some of the greatest stars of Latino Baseball – in Casa de Campo for the Grand Induction Ceremony celebrated on Saturday evening at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater

The Latino Baseball Hall of Fame, founded by Roberto Weill, Alfy Fanjul and Rafael Avila in 2009 aims to celebrate the achievements of Hispanic and Caribbean Major League Baseball players – who now account for nearly 50% of all players in the Major Leagues. Each year 2 players from each country; the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela, Panama and Mexico are elected to be inducted into the Latino Hall of Fame in the Grand Induction Ceremony, whilst the class of the previous year are immortalized in La Romana as they unveil their statues in the Paseo de los Inmortales.

The luminaries as well as their family and friends and numerous other baseball stars, take part in a series of events and activities surrounding the celebration – in Casa de Campo and in La Romana.

Here we bring you an overview of the entire celebration.

Welcome Cocktail at the Marina Casa de Campo

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To begin the celebrations Roberto Weill, founder and president of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame welcomed his special guests with a cocktail held at the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame Fan Cave in the Marina Casa de Campo on Thursday evening the 7th of February.

Whilst many of the special guests and luminaries of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame were yet to arrive; Teddy Higuera, Rennie Stennet, Antonio Armas, Tony “Cabeza” Fernández, Octavio Rojas and Victor Davalillo – all members of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2013, were in attendance and on top form – enjoying their first evening in Casa de Campo meeting and greeting old friends, as well as posing for photos, and signing autographs in the other star of the evening – the new INMORTALES magazine, the official publication of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Welcome Dinner at Minitas Beach

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Following the welcome cocktail a dinner was hosted on Minitas Beach – in honor of Roberto Clemente, winner of 12 Golden Glove Awards, the first Latino to reach 3,000 hits and a great humanitarian, who tragically died on route to Nicaragua to bring aid supplies following an earthquake in 1972.

As well as the many luminaries of the class of 2013, also in attendance was Bernie Williams and Felipe Alou Latino Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2012, Rafael Avila, founder of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame, Sharon Robinson, daughter of the great Jackie Robinson and Jeff Idelson, President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, as well as Luis Clemente, son of Roberto Clemente.

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jackie robinsonDesfile de los Inmortales and the Paseo de los Inmortales

On Friday afternoon the 8th of February, the luminaries of both the class of 2012 and 2013 were paraded into La Romana on a procession of open vehicles – allowing them to wave to their fans along the way. The first stop in La Romana was the site of the future Latino Baseball Hall of Fame Museum and Latino Baseball Town, following which the Latin Legends attended the immortalization ceremony, where the luminaries of the class of 2012; Bernie Williams, Tony Peña, Tony Oliva, Bengamín Oglivie, Luis Trite Arroyo and Manny Trillo, amongst others, unveiled their statues crafted by El Artistico; Jose Ignacio Morales.

Casa de Campo Manager’s Cocktail 

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The Casa de Campo Hotel management invited their special baseball guests and players of the INMORTALES golf tournament to a sunset cocktail hosted in their honor at the Casa de Campo Hotel pool.

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Honorary Chairman’s Dinner

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Every year Honorary Chairman and co-founder of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame, Alfy fanjul hosts a dinner at his Casa de Campo retreat, Casa Grande, an elegant occasion, which was this year hosted by Pepe Fanjul Jr. with his wife Lourdes. This gathering was not only attended by the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2012 and 2013, as well as the various members of the committee and Casa de Campo special guests, but also by Jenny Steinbrenner, daughter of the late George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees for 37 years.

The INMORTALES golf tournament

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Played on the Teeth of the Dog, the INMORTALES golf tournament was a great opportunity for the Casa de Campo golfing community to golf alongside their baseball heros – with every foursome including at least one former baseball player. Following the tournament the players enjoyed a prize-giving ceremony and lunch.

The Grand Induction Ceremony 

salon de la fama beisbol latino

The show at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater began at 8pm on Saturday the 9th of February and was an endless celebration of the achievements of some of the greatest Latino Baseball Players of all time. In addition to the class of 2013, Miguel Cabrera, Roberto Weill, Jackie Robinson, Jeff Idelson, Roberto Clemente, Epy Guerrero, Horacio Martínez and many more were honoured with awards and recognitions.

Salon de la Fama del Beisbol Latino – Class of 2013

mateo rojas alouContemporaries 2013
• Miguel Cuellar from Cuba (posthumous)
• Octavio Rojas from Cuba
• Teodoro Higueras from México
• Rennie Stennett from Panamá
• Juan Igor González from Puerto Rico
• Tony Fernández from the Dominican Republic
• Mateo Rojas Alou from the Dominican Republic (posthumous)
• Antonio Armas from Venezuela

Veterans 2013

• Santos Amaro from Cuba
• Victor Davalillo from Venezuela
• Victor Pellot Power from Puerto Rico
• Felipe Clipper Montemayor from México
• Julián Javier from the Dominican Republic
• Humberto Robinson from Panamá

Founder’s Dinner

rennie stennet

Following the Grand Induction Ceremony, the gathered luminaries and baseball players, as well as special Casa de Campo guests, were invited to Roberto Weill’s Casa de Campo villa for a celebratory dinner – the last event in the schedule of activities surrounding the 4th Inductions into the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame.


INMORTALES magazine makes it’s debut!

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luis clemente rebecca hughesINMORTALES, the official magazine of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame, created by Silgon Inc., Marketing, Web Development & Publishing Services was received with much enthusiasm – by both the luminaries themselves, as well as the members of the committee of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame and of course by the many baseball fans – who spent the evening getting their copy signed by all of the many stars!

“A true Home Run. Congrats to you and Silgon Staff. Rebecca [Hughes, editor of INMORTALES] will be immortalized!”

— Roberto Weill, founder and president of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame.

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