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Hogar del Niño XXI enchanted forest gala

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Hogar del Niño’s dedicated team hosted another fantastic charity weekend filled with fun events innovating the way our community comes together for a good cause, and ended the weekend with a celebration at the La Romana Country Club Saturday evening benefitting the PBO and Hogar del Niño.

Walking up, the entrance was lit with candles and children in the Hogar del Niño programs were dressed in the theme, the enchanted forest, and greeted each arriving guest handing out little wishes and words of affirmation.

Entering the enchanted forest,  the tables had large centerpieces decorated with ornaments made by the students of Hogar del Niño, the children were dressed in costumes that they had created and there was a large, multi-colored dance floor taking up center stage. After a lovely speech from Xiomara Menéndez talking about the foundation and the children, the days winners were announced and prizes were handed out.

“For us, it is such a pleasure to receive so much support and sponsorship of so many friends and businesses that each year show their generosity towards the PBO,” Xiomara began thanking the crowd, “nothing we have accomplished all these years, being able to provide education, health and well-being to all of the boys and girls of Hogar del Niño, would be possible without the helping hand of all of you.”

As soon as the awards were given, guests took to the dance floor, changing the vibes from a dinner party to a dance party and live music rang out across the Country Club. It was certainly an evening filled with wonder celebrating a beautiful cause! We can’t wait for next years Hogar del Niño weekend XXII!

The following collection of photos were taken during the Hogar del Niño XXI Gala dinner on Saturday, February 17th at the La Romana Country Club by Mairobi Herrera:

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