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A song and a dance for education, Hogar del Niño presents its first Talent Show!

Hogar del Niño Talent Show Header

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Hogar del Niño Talent Show HeaderIs there anything more adorable than seeing children show off their talents?

The Hogar del Niño gives you the opportunity to enjoy a nice afternoon with the children of the foundation while they perform the first edition of the “Hogar del Niño Talent Show 2015”.

The event is under the direction and supervision of Nina Garambone, volunteer at the Hogar del Niño. She is committed to the welfare of the children of the foundation and the development of their artistic abilities. “I have volunteered at the Hogar del Niño for the past two years and over that time I have come to know the students and their talents very well. We have so many talented students here, but not all the resources that are necessary to have an arts program that helps them perfect these talents. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase the talents of our students and, at the same time, raise funds for the improvement and adaptation of the art program.” Nina told Casa de Campo Living.

Hogar del Niño Art Program

During the event you will see a variety of different kinds of talents, as well as a lot of dancing and singing because l that’s what children like to do the most!

Currently the Hogar del Niño art program has 2 music teachers of which one teaches “Corporal Music” from 1st through 7th grade and the other one teaches general music from 7th to 4th grades in High School. In addition they also have 3 art teachers, one of whom works at the Sordo School (Deaf School), and of the remaining two, one imparts lessons from 1st through 7th grade, and the other one, from 7th to 4th of Bachiller. What they do not have in the program is the tools to provide the best art education possible because, according to Nina Garambone: “Many of the instruments are broken or in need of repairs.”

Hogar del Niño Talent Show 2015

Enjoy an evening of entertainment for the whole family with dancing, singing and more.

Date: Thursday April 30th, 5pm

Location: Hogar del Niño playground, La Romana


  • General, RD$75
  • VIP, RD$150

Additional: There will be a food sale at the event

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