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Before 1

Hello again – we are the volunteers from the Hogar del Niño! As the students of Hogar del Niño go on Holiday break, we will be working hard to give them new and improved classrooms!

Before 2

Currently the classrooms are in great need of supplies and sprucing. When the students return to school this January they will walk into classrooms that are safer, brighter and more conducive to education. In the nine inital classrooms and Sala Cuña we will add educational murals, rug areas, and classroom supplies. The classrooms will be redesigned to make them more conducive to the large number of students and enhancive to learning. Also the classrooms will be equipped with areas for dress up and imaginative play, block building, play-doh sculpting, reading, sensory tables, writing, math games and many other activities.

Although we have made great strides in collecting the many materials needed to make these changes we are still in need of more. Casa de Campo Living has gracious agreed to host a drive to help us collect the remaining materials needed for these classroom makeovers.

The photos you can see here are taken of the Hogar del Niño now – before the rooms have been made over! We cannot wait for our next article when we reveal the fabulous ‘after’ pictures.

If you would like to help us in this makeover mission, you can drop off your donation in the following places:

  • the Hogar del Niño
  • the Club de La Costa Hotel reception
  • the Abraham Lincoln School – send directly to Miss Hughes’ classroom

Please label your package ‘For Mission Makeover’

Below is a list of particular supplies we still need – many of them may be sitting around your home right now, having been out grown by your own children. Of course your donations should not be limited by our list, feel free to email us ( with your ideas.

Mission Makeover Needed Supplies

  • Simple Puzzles
  • Children Scissors
  • Children Bed Sheets
  • Small Toy Cars
  • Plastic bins/tubs
  • Simple Musical Instruments (Maracas, etc)
  • Crib Mobiles
  • Waterproof Baby Books
  • Baby Activity Gyms/Rugs
  • Baby Push and Walk toys
  • Miscellaneous Baby/Toddle Toys
  • Throw pillows (for the children to sit on)
  • Children’s rain coats – all sizes

Thank you so much for your generosity!

This article was contributed by Kristin Ryan and Keri Young, who are currently volunteering at the Hogar del Niño.

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