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What does Hogar mean to you?

Pitbull Hogar del Nino

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Pitbull Hogar del NinoWhat does Hogar mean to you? The Hogar del Niño is a daycare and educational center in La Romana, a place where more than 1500 children are cared for every single day. But the essence of the Hogar is so much more than that, which is why they are asking “What does Hogar mean to you?”

What does Hogar mean to you?

Ahead of the Hogar del Niño’s primary fundraising event – the Hogar del Niño weekend – next Friday and Saturday the 14th and 15th of February, the Hogar del Niño are asking their supporters to let them know the answer to this question – what does the Hogar mean to you?

Your answers, together with a photo of you will be used during the event, how exactly they will be used is to remain a surprise until the event – so we will all have to wait and see!

Hogar del Nino

So… what does the Hogar mean to you?

Get involved by emailing your answer to [email protected], or you can bring along your answer to the Café de la Leche this Friday at Dedon in the Marina Casa de Campo (click here for event details).

A few members of the Casa de Campo community, as well as one very famous face, have already gotten involved…

“It’s an honor to be part of un Hogar. It’s an organization that provides, protects and educates, but most of all lets the children know that they could also make something out of their lives to become successful.”  

— Armando Christian Perez – Pitbull

“Hope. Hope for a brighter future – not only for the children of the Dominican Republic – but for the successful adults they will become.”

— Rebecca Hughes

“The joy of a smile. The love of a hug. The inspiration of a glance.”

— Alessandra Avanzini

“Hogar del Niño represents hope. Hope for 1,500 children that would have no chance for a brighter future without us. We cannot forget those among us whose futures would truly be in peril without our help.”

— Phyllis Berney

Hogar del Nino

Click here to find out more about the Hogar del Niño fundraising weekend.

 The Hogar del Niño

hogar del ninoThe Hogar del Niño is a children’s daycare and educational center for over 1500 children, located in La Romana town, just outside of Casa de Campo. Children from as young as just a few weeks old up to 18 years old are cared for and educated daily, from as early as 5:30am and staying as late as 7pm.

The organization also provides special schooling to over 75 hearing impaired and blind children, as well as a vocational school where over 235 students receive classes in different areas like: sewing; industrial preparation, installation and electrical maintenance; plumbing and management of computer office programs.

hogar del nino la romana

Contact the Hogar del Niño on:

Tel: (809) 523-8901 or (809) 556-3181
Email: [email protected]

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